Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So when can I begin Jacksoning off in your Estrogen Housing developments? Pay no mind to the High and Low Jellying Rates and Different Mating Systems. Over the times you will believe in the fortified lovingness and devout truths of my heavenly spermicidal rambunctionings involving the upping of the aunties and other forms of spectral foreclosures!!! I knead your lusciousness as my momentums are overflowing bliss in the middle of you until explosions happens inside you as I am quadruple volcano and you see triple rainbows!

Here is a glorified hark and reckons being sent out to you! Be gracious and thankful sugarbird!! You recognize in your heart of hearts that I am the apples in your eyes and that soon you will be falling head over hills to provide head for me and thusly I will begin jacksoning off in your estrogen housing developments. As I am the magnificent magnum opus and aurora borealis in the flesh , my spermicidal protocols and rambunctionings are extra ordinary in status and scope, leaving you cross-eyed, christened and walking funny. For this you will have my gratitudes!!!

that Denise Richards' vocal andrew_white can I get a pic and a price
Cute Emo Maybe I just need to purge some friends products by the Back in the game I see
can probably imagine it, 1/2 iron in 2 weeks

*** How about we barter. Just your CAKES only. The Sooners are not the Better, actually worse than some while better than others. "do you seriously want cakes?"-
silly goose is always over there trying to count the hens before the rooster's crows! Cannot correlate that Bisquits are cakes!! I need some real, fortified cakes!! In addition must be pure wifey material, half up on the chidrens may be fruitful..Yes love and lust may be seperate entities but we can have both together with the syrup on top and the extra cream fillings! ///The arousing of thought regarding the possessing of the cakes.
yes, there are delicious cakes in our solar system !
The cause of the delay in the falling of the ship Karnak upon the Earthly realm to up the aunties is unknown, but I believe in The law of falling head over hills, nothing greater than having 100%cutie with real cakes (bisquits not bunions) providing head over the hills.
The system of Archangel Hariton may be vast and work in
Perpetual motion but when possessing the cakes I am only
Becoming aware of genuine being-duty, and further strenghtend to do battle with The impudent brat Hassein, Beelzebub’s grandson, the one who dares to call men "slugs" when in fact I may soon have that saying copyrighted myself.
The cause of the genesis of the Moon may indeed prove why
Why "men" are not men but slugs, just not to the eyes in false appearance.
A piquant trait of the peculiar psyche of contemporary man distorts The first "growl" and attempts to bring one away from the possession of genuine cakes, leaving one only with false foghorns.
Why in man’s reasonable fantasy which may be perceived as reality in essence must such be done?
The beginnings of these perspectives promise nothing very cheerful.
//////// yes, beautiful weather they are having! could we exchange picnic baskets? You are looking like wifey material with the 1/2 up on the chidrens!!was hoping you were someone of true devout love and honesty never mind the playfullness. i wanted you to cum in seattle so we could exchange picnic said you would make me a cake, which is devine but if we are not to formulate and actualize our affections it would not be fruitfilled. As lovely and the weathers they are having it is prime for some picnicing between us. And yes, I am worthy of Faith, and all others

actually, very few would condemn that, as I am the 1 on the high prestige. monday i am hoping to have 100% real cutie but that is unlikely as i am a gentle homosapien male. maybe on mondays in the future perhaps after the courtship process. would you be interested in possibly going half up on a chidrin? i know that biological clock is tickling like the tumbleweeds.

"do you have a bunch of fridge magnets I could of halfed?"???////

Subject: RE: cutting out the hens before the rooster's crow comes to boils

I am nurturing your anxious ear to bloom real cakes to offer thems. This isn't rent a center and Mr. Wendel wouldn't figure on that technical comb over either. schnookie isN't one long easter egg race to the finish line, move over grover, then come the sizzling lean right there, in between the silk cocoon walls of paradise, mind yours only. Realize then the neccessity to control andreaffirm your existence by later grasping hold of my yum yum insert and swallowing lovingly, deeply, graciously without the caterwauls, mind yours.

"i have never meet someone who likes cake so much! lol and for the record my pie will place you in the greatest place in the world! (out of all the places i have been). why on earth wouldn't i have a car? that seems like an odd thing to say. i make really good pies.... im still working on mastering pie crust."

i do not fear the prisoner beast made high off ones hells, i shall overcome the supposed strengths to attack the bottoms of the beauties! Others may tell you to escape into a convent where you have to stay for months in isolation Total. Regardless, Even if your relationship will not be considered by the judiciary , you have saved your life by becoming 100% cutie and offering the cakes, eternally.No one will imposed to you to leave the human race!let that the Satanists come to me! And not hinder them, for theirs is the kingdom of God, when the blood of Jesus has made to their hearts pure, pure as the hearts of innocent children!" Because you want a female dog, to share with others? Not I, only want 100% cutie with real cakes. What is better, a woman who loves only you, with small children so happy? To this I say yes. In half to many witches, how far can you still travel down the road before dying?Must realize many the your companions are willing to put you in the bin of sulfuric acid. What of your friends have you eaten? Those who have been killed perhaps have loved less than you? Maybe they had less fear of being killed of that fear that you have you? 100% cutie must not lose the angelic body. God believes that you are a victim and believes that guilty is only Satan for all the your crimes.100%cutie with real cakes (not foghorns) be very good: sit upon him (me) and relish in the kingdom of nookie and which is for no return. Of who, you be became a servant regardless in the shadow of the bankrupt? Run stronger,for you a road invisible on which to flee. Only now You now not can see it. But when you run and fall head over hills it will become visible. this road can not be seen at once, You are in flight method now! Yet This is your moment! Now, with this exorcism you cannot violate all your chains! 100% cutie must Play this card! However, to die as a martyr and fulling desting is the greatest victory! many failed in pursuit of their desire, and did not have the privilege of martyrdom! But you go with determination and intelligence, without thinking much. 100% cutie will have real cakes, will fall head over hills, provide nookie opening the love canal to salvation.Some may wish to sway you, those with the cottage cheese thighs and the forked tongues, telling You that you have only two days to write a very detailed report, to make 10 copies for delivery to the police. Relinquish the old you bestilled of hate and terror! Remember If I Go at your bottom you will not become a prisoner beast in your hell! 100% cutie shall become Blessed honest and industrious and released from all from your shame,false pride, slavery and blindness! Terror takes possession only of those lost in darkness and have dedicated themselves to the slaughter. When your carrion is dissolved what remains? Not the sweet temptations but the claws to rip the soul, only my lustful hands upon you and your precious bottoms!!!

Schnookie will manifest herself, fall head over hills for me. 100%cutie!So you have real cakes to offer thems?Possibility of going 1/2 up on a chidrens?Let not count the easter eggs before the rooster's crows!No false apparitions , begotten are thems just for us and our inklings , we cavort and hoot high off the hogs until landings!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Autopsy Protocol - Adicteds To Murder

1 Eyes Vs Eyes
2 Fresh Milk In The Neighborhood
3 Kill Me Yon Kim
4 The Pussy Of Your Sister
5 Violence Undrcover (First Version)
6 Caucasians In Kiotol

Kingdom Scum - Thee Digital As Drug

1 Question Technology
2 Primitivista!
3 Eye Ear U-2
4 Become The Drug
5 Thee Weight Ov Future/Tense Pt. II, IV, VI (Bruno Brothers Edit)
6 Cold
7 Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
8 End Of A Ruling Class
9 Tabula Rasande

Ultra Fuckers - Escape From Home Recording

1 You Fuck!
2 G.W.A.R.
3 Mummy Tribe

Smack Music 7 - A Self Turning Screw

1 Smothered By Vapour
2 Fire Without Matches
3 Flowing & Grinding
4 Lusty Stirrings (featuring Bad Ronald)

Panicsville - Let The Excuses Begin II

Erased Interaction
2 Piss In Your Brain And Control Your Mind
3 Social Engagement
4 The Ballad Of Danny Rowling
5 The Man Who Hated Women & The Women Who Loved Him

Edith Bunker's Demonized Vomit Insurance - Reality Is Dead

1 Qloaat
2 Joke.Stream.Smit
3 Undergunder
4 Post.Bleor
5 Chock.Ranck

MU - Bold

Cubus - Todas As Coisas Estão No Lugar EP

1 (Não Há) Nada Que Me Faça Voltar (Fix)
2 Adore (2nd Mix)
3 Bukowski
4 Mata Hari
5 O Construtor

the averse advancements of the underdogs and the dogmas and the understandings of the faith and continuance this latest wave of evangelization= to try to save this generation from nuclear 3WW? The nigerian witches teaming with the houngun priests and arabian genies, cavorting with the mermaids? Not , so therefore = (c) the terminate of the enlightened, a sacrificical lamb gurned at the gates of the apocalypse. It is not a question of religion, it is the interest of those who want to save his own life from the burdens of living in his own prisoner beast hell, and to become free to go at the bottoms of the lovely. . from a global conspiracy of the rich (Freemasonry Spa Elite) against all comes the hedonistic satanical rambunctionist......... settle for my poor love. maybe it's time for you to read all my reviews
the king killed by human respect but did not dare to oppose those perverse scribes, Pharisees and their Talmud cursed. He was too good but not prepared spiritually to its mission. he could not defend the true monotheism of Moses. so the "Temple", a place appreciated even by every demon, was saved, but he: Zerubbabel was sacrificed for not to destroy the nation, however, that the Romans were forced to destroy. Despite his failure? He has become an image of Christ innocent. Against the nutrition of the scribes left flaccid and apolitical.

i am hoping to have 100% real cutie . would you be interested in possibly going half up on a chidrin? i know that biological clock is ticking like a timebomb, need someone with some womb for me in their life.lucky for them it's out there.///

Le Gun - Turn Off The World

1 Man Has Rocket
2 NASA-D Youth
3 Rot Not Synt
4 Eroity Aviatio
5 Want To Sleep?
6 ...Turn Off The World


luvvvvvvvvvvvvv hunny
fuck yah
imma lette myself
fat asses
i play a mentally ill tape that dug up the two-year-old corpse of Sky watcher. Should I hack the casette player to try to revive him?
: ima go smoke a cigg i cant smoke in the apt

its is difficult trying to go to thebeds at night while chewing on 8 spiders and having the nightmares

woser than that is having 18 inch venomous centipede in your knickers that is rambunctioning

spec brothers with urban beady eyes luvv gypsy mango tissues!!!!
cant over look the spectral foreclosures!!!!
if you turn a shark over on its back in the water it goes to the beds and is docile, even the greatest white ones and the tigers too
funny people... that movie was an epic failure...
: fags
lol not sure
@ shelby
there is a salamander in asia called the hellbender that grows to almost 6 feet long

so houz ya elizabeth tores...

loves Hollywood Undead
its is difficult trying to go to thebeds at night while chewing on 8 spiders and having the nightmares while an 18 inch venomous centipede in your knickers that is rambunctioning
I am ABC years old

Spec Brothers play a mentally ill tape that dug up the two-year-old corpse of Sky watcher. And they hack the casette player to try to revive him.
now i want to kick his asss
and look damn good
Who's is this Gary character you speak of?
: hi5*
how r u?

for easter i want 1 pet crow that speaks french and 1 black cat that sits on a throne made of diamonds and lays me golden eggs. if not I tie the easter bunny to a lawnchair and burn him with a coat hanger
hello there the angel frm my nitemare

me doing fingering n feeling horny

do u think some one came from beyhind me and took the job

Yeah but we got to be really great friend lol
Makes me feel bad
some people are like that
i'm not
It is not pity what

I Am giving I am willing to help anyone

: that's good.
: gezzzz
I am what is called jailbait so back off
tell um
i am a humanitarian
Oh yeah lol
Lol, jail bait.
typical virgin

thanks to listen that ther is still humanity here, esp. in this room
Whoa what am entrance...
i am the absolute milk of all human kindness, and if you dont believe me I will chop your hands off and feed them to the elves!!!

Typical virgin??
tho there is nothing wrong with being a virgin
any hoes????
type 6060

Big City Orchestra - Things Fall Down

1 Noize Noir
2 City Of Dreams
3 Undecided
4 Risky Safety
5 Spaceface
6 Moya Drone
7 Golphins Run Aground
8 Between Channels Right Now
9 Chime Thing
10 Pacwhack
11 Things Fall Down
12 What Gran'pa Had Done
13 Pimpie
14 Yule Log
15 Shaving Without A Mirror
16 Magnetic Leaves On A Rubber Tree
17 Sad For Now Waltz
18 Bug Bug Bu
19 Bucket Of Water

Luke McGowan - Robo Ursonate

Robo Ursonate is a speech-synthesis program interpretation of Kurt Schwitters' classic sound poem Ursonate (1921-32). The text from Schwitters' original score was simply cut and pasted into a commercial text-to-speech synthesis program and left to do its thing with no attempt to correct interpretive error or structurally alter the system output.

Spec Brothers - Goon e.p.

1 Minor Picnic
2 Goon Blues
3 Ondo Goon
4 Gypsy Mango Tissue

Ultra Fuckers - Old Warrior's Worship

1 Cry Dog Cry! Won!!
2 Hey! Mucho!
3 A Wilderness Outlaw
4 Plugging Just A Minute
5 Fuyu No Riviera

Monday, March 29, 2010

Requirements Regarding mutinying, cannibalizing and reinvigorating squeezing the chagrin out of the charming and mutinying all forms,regulations,precepts, and perceptions in association with PLUSH PIMPING and 100% real cutie falling head over hills after being denied replenishing sexy.
1. you are a 100% real cutie and you want to fall head over hills for me.
2. You realize that you not only could fall head over hills for me but should and indeed would, in fact you think it would be hard not to.
3..Being that I am not flattered to hear that you are having great difficulty not falling over because of me, You devote yourself to my hedonistic pleasures and decide to nurture me for the remainder of my temporal existence in the earthly realm, providing me nurturing loving sexy of which brings you great happiness.