Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Libido Airbag - miss melanoma

Magistral Flatulences & Nelson Monfort Orchestra -BE A GOOD GIRL

La Reforma Brutal-Chuchinga Mata Mujeres

Messer Chups (swingin' single)

The Old Codger and Company (swingin' single)

Chenard Walcker (swingin' single)

The Apartment (swingin' single)

Fortyone (swingin' single)

The Ghost Of Kink Avi-D-The Psychadelic EP Fiveux (May 7, 2006)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Various Artists - Two Zombies Later

How will me and her have babies?
test tube babies?

But why...when i have a pefectly funtunctional penis and she has a perfectly functional oven?
im great lusty
: hi balls

Get your buns in there!
wangs aren' pretty?

I can't choose. you're both entirely too awesome

franja electoral - vote velasco

Ahueonao - version final (video)

And atop of putting all this against the wall, everyone, an Inuit and shamanist. Shooting they saydont attack me: vulgar, another victim. And the pigs who liked it... "you is cry aloud, perhaps Satan will hear to you and he will come: to your aid". Satan is crying aloud: and is involved with them! The symbols. You make horns reversing a crucifix or to be one and any symbol of Satan is a crime that cancels your covenant with God.

Yes, but where is your evidence? you will testimony to Satan only, and then go to Church? or hope for mercy? but this is useless. We are at the end: there are only 300 years from the Messiah , and a second coming of the Ministry, a Political Metaphysical form of swift Justice?The curse of hell dominates on the whole earth from 5 centuries!

VA-Swingin Singles

01 Messer Chups - Intro Monstro Crescendo
02 Harlan - Untitled 1
03 Fortyone - Bright Headed Churchgoer
04 Principle Fetterman - Motomotion
05 Math and Physics Club - Graduation Day
06 Lee Rosevere - Lavender Hip Mob
07 Messer Chups - Orgia of Dead 2
08 The Old Codger (with R. Stevie Moore) - Hotcakes and Sausage
09 The Fairsley Difference - Duchamp's Dictionary
10 Kim & Buran - New Years Party by Toptygin (live)
11 Chenard Walcker - Rock'n Roll Boy
12 Beth Sorrentino - Beautiful Day
13 Morella - Black Sheep/The Boy Who Babbles
14 Very Proper Dragonflies - Sprung
15 The Apartment - Lost at Sea (a Brilana remix)
16 Fortyone - Comfort Stand Records Remix Project : Song #1

01 Messer Chups - Devil Exit From Fashion
02 Harlan - Untitled 2
03 Fortyone - Alien Pops Trilogy (featuring Midas)
04 Principle Fetterman - Motomotion (Montana Mix)
05 Math and Physics Club - Everybody Lies
06 Lee Rosevere - Tegwar
07 Messer Chups - Polivox Box + Garage
08 R. Stevie Moore (with Irwin Chusid, drums) - So Be It Soviet/The Undertow
09 The Fairsley Difference - Cracker Noise
10 Kim & Buran - Birthday Party
11 Chenard Walcker - Lotus
12 Beth Sorrentino - Amazing
13 Morella - Validity/Untitled
14 Very Proper Dragonflies - Just Believe (We'll Get There)
15 The Apartment - Like A Virgin
16 Fortyone - Comfort Stand Records Remix Project : Song #2

__♥_____♥_♥_____♥_______♥♥♥_____♥♥♥_____What is serious is the crime. I'm not a banker enlightened that for theirs: the men are like animals: they did suffer under the supervision of banks by 1500. the deads are judged by God it is only for the dead who will be born tomorrow! that we will be judged by God you'll end up badly. Why you're paid to pretend, that there are not the "enlightened", that's why your statement has no value for us, for people today!! when a man pointing a weapon against another man?Then says I am not asking money to anyone, however all run away from me? Hoodwinkers! Hornswaggling false institutions, misinformation, religion, broken human relationships cause and effect scenerios of evilness and corruptions!!! Nobody wants to belittle the immense suffering because they do not see them! And where is the cultural movement of the metaphysical to lay a universal love? Certainly not enclaves across the city!

I will not have to kill anyone, not even an "enlightened". God has ordered me not to be afraid, never! Indeed, God punishes: very heavy, all those who to do a bad thought against me! Whoever you are, you love me. as I love you.
--[][][]--[][][]--BANK SEIGNORAGE.Nigerian Witchoodwinkings.
--[][][]--[][][]--ZIONIST MASON JOB. IMF. FREEMASONS.Arabian Genies.
+ a large cemetery of dead bodies! but here the guys think for your faults!
When a nation is crushed by an ideology, the spirits are no longer free & The state encourages and forces the way be to evil. But all the institutions totale have long been that the fault of the international for bankers,hornswagglers and urinaters in the genome pool have become Satanism institutional & politcal powers of NWO !

The politically responsible? Heathens. Here in collapse are all your lies, claiming to be able to drive a social body: your words are those of your father Satan, liar and murderer! Now everyone...... wait until the massacre! demise!
Buried in hypocrisy, lacerate your faith , morally diseased
On the cross of Calvary your body bashed, defeated, stabbed!
Blessing as you hate, loyal to your enemies
Monetary faith, as him you'll pay for the lies of your prophecies! Pollution is but the punishment of all the traitors and is inevitable.
Next, if you're lucky? you'll be dead!
Because nature will go mad! a political ministry and theology, a rambunctious spewing nuclear holocaust of disasters, the end result of those impoverished in the noodles!

Undying belief structures between believer and deciever? I thinks not. It does not change much, because the pros and cons go in balance. 1. proven positive (incorporated in the State Code of institutional totalism and decrees of law), 2. injustice among men based on inequalities , wherever there is rich there is the poverties). That's why I cannot love these nwo atheists. Because they can not be more beautiful and shining than calculating murderers.

h2o (video)

caida libre (video)

Hola Toby Anplag (video)

Usa Casco (video)

x ray carbono-Desmiembra (video)

A + B (video)

Monday, June 28, 2010

La Reforma Brutal - Pichazeadas Brutales


ANAUTOPSY-So Good To See You

life is nothing special...if anything it causes a "pause" in continuous functions not a collapse
king luvy has transcended extistential ethics and thinking
arthur shopenhauer?

magius931: i love that poor cat


magius931 = 5th force...
♔♥ ♥: man is lost and alone in the universe , theories are non sense
18Yellow23: a

#18 of 23 yellows have a red evil banana

♔♥ y♥: human history is little more than the documentary of human sickness

♔♥ ♥: man simply enjoys indulging his own delusions of feigned intelligence and purpose

hello miss beckstar here is an evil red banana for you too
: if you are stuck in a dark well and cannot get out i guess you have to find something to entertain yourself
it was a metaphor miss princess beck of the stars and solar eclipses

18yellow23 =12grey18? what about 11black6650?


18Yellow23: i was Grey?

the devil being a space traveller and he came to earth

b/c i am king of the luvies #18 of the yellow 23's pretending to be #12 of the 18 greys.

18Yellow2 .....
♔♥erikg206kingluvy♥: it is destiny that i find you here and rescue you from the conundrum


18Yellow23: how did you know i was 12Grey18?

♔♥erikg206kingluvy♥: b/c I am a luvy silly , the king of all the luvies, how else?
18Yellow23: luvy
♔♥erikg206kingluvy♥: such knowledge is handed down as a birthright
♔♥erikg206kingluvy♥: king luvy savior to all the silly bosuns and rambunctioners

♔♥erikg206kingluvy♥: none of your beeswax
good heart so how is it there right now

♔♥erikg206kingluvy♥: #18 yellow of the 23 is really #47 of the 66 greys she is in : 12grey18 = 1/4 of 18 yellow compound 23

either way most of them are at the center
.we have a black hole at the center of our galaxy
magius931: sides create them here...we do anyway
they are magius
i know we do
♔♥erikg206kingluvy♥: king luvy is above quantum mechanics and their effects on the common particles on the universe

your just pushing out all the good stuff

: quantum is life

magius931 is everything with one exception
♔♥erikg206kingluvy♥: sperm is life &wave-particle duality?
we dont know how "life" fills in the equation yet
give us the unified theory !

18 magiu just told me to lick
I am #1 king of all luvies
well damn

Dantes_Commedia: I didnt see that coming
Click here to find a date for tonight!
will be #1 luvy until a giant black hole gobbles up the milky way galaxy

a physics lecture!!!!
18Yellow23: @.@
♔♥erikg206kingluvy♥: dont argue with a luvy silly bosun , that is bad karma, harmful enough with the NWO rambunctioning against human nature, now you are trying to hornswaggle the rest of thems?