Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sitting gurpedtwerkednperked on some serious alcoholic adult beverages..i.d. on street..homes puulz out a 40 piece from his mouth & the cute but fat new breed 20 something girls "he is showing you respect"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I wish you many glorified blessings to you on this sabbath day from me & mines, and a hark and I reckon as well!

thats very nice thank you

i hope business is going well for you and that you are living high off the hogs and such over there on the yonders or below them!

I can manufacture paranormal proclivities.

really thats fun

Like having an out of body experience orgasm
^thats where your hand doesnt get all sticky

okay that cool

so you are married misses? that is truly amazing miss deliciousness!!

no im not married

erikg206 gurp…:
then you are a decietful temptress because it says so on your myspace page over theres miss deliciousness!!! what other dirty secrets are you hiding from me and mines??

erikg206 gurp…:
^thought so. you are little more than a sneaky snake.
^like playing house, that is delicious, maybe we can play that sometime!!

that is delicious!!!! we must get married then and soon!! I will rescue you and kepp you in my genie bottle for all the eternities combined my precious little mermaid princess!!

yes miss deliciousness I am a very special person!! You must investigate as I will fortify you with greatness my fine priceless jewel!!

yes indeed my loving one, I am very well rounded and multifaceted, a true linguist, very well read, traveled and educated miss sugarbird!!!

thats wonderful news

^you are being facetous miss!!!
3:21 PM

donald darko was interesting, I veiwed that with my maternal caregiver several years ago.
^he was in that homosexual film as well about humping backs in the hills.

i love that movie.. and yes he was in Brokeback mountain

requiem for a dream was good too. Yes, they could break each others backs. Shouldnt be playing with other peoples rectums!!!

yeah i guess you could say that, depends on your perspective but sure

Maybe we could go to a monster truck rally and a hot dog eating contest sometime soon?
^Monster truck where is my noodle?
^you could become my precious mountain lady!!

learn to square dance and the entire yeeee halllll thing too

You should at least let me take you out to k-mart for a hot dog and a slurpee. Ill be the one wearing the moon boots, leg warmers, cowboy hat, big belt buckle and the levi jacket with the fake sheep wool inside.
if you see my trans am with the giant truck wheels just climb on up

I have no doubt that you are the apples in my eyes and will fall head over hills for me!!!
I will give you a magical shoehorn
^you could sell it on craigslist for 50,000.

it's solid silver my dad gave it to me on his death bed. he said "son....take this shoehorn, it possesses secret wondrous powers, give it to your precious loved one when the time is right". then he died.
^we get married & I give it to you!!!

miss lovingness!!!

point is i want tits

^like chocolate milk without the chocolate? You dont have tits yourself???
^don't you have breasts?

i want bigger tits

^get implants

so you can get donations for implants???
^well a hark and I reckons to that!!!!

n yes im broke lmao
im a college student no cash!

^that is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice!!!!

^good luck on that one there, I know this is the land of milk and honey but it's hard to get a kick in the pants for free these days

that is incredible! I am sure the world will be a better place once you procure the fake breasts!!


you can become the first female president!!! Fake boobs for everyone, me included!!!!

Then you can get some ass implants next!!

lol no i have an asss

dont need an implanted booty
why nots? go for the gold!!!

trust me i have a big ass

^I dont trust strangers its bad enough I am talking to one, whats next are you going to offer me candy??
^candy = your booty

good luck on the implants what size do you desire??

probably like a 32c a big c though

that would only be average you should go for the gusto, 32-e

it doesnt matter to me if you have small breasts or eat socks either, your face.............I must fuck it!!!………………………………………………………………

^guess that isnt good enough for you, oh well.

I wish many glorified blessings to you on this fine sabbath day from me & mines, and a hark and I reckon as well!!

^you are a tough cookie over theres!!!! Maybe a bit sour too like from the far east.

regardless i hope business is going well for you and that you are living high off the hogs and such over there on the yonders or below them!

Maybe in the near as opposed to the distant futures we can think about going about allowing me to manufacture the testosterone puddings and gallivantingly up the aunties in a rigorous yet loving fashioning!!! I have no doubt that you are the apples in my eyes and will fall head over hills for me!!! The spermicidal rambunctionings will flow as my testicular momentum graciously forcast such allowances to manifest inside the estrogen jellied housing developments!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

a flighty bird in a nutshell or a nut's hell which evers.

you are a treasure though, love!X!X!!!!!
one I hope gets rescued from the bottom of the oceans my sweet litttle mermaid princess!X!X!! I wish to keep you in my genie bottle with me in everglowing happiness for all the eternities combined!X!X!!!!

It is also entirely feasible that you are little more than a false treasure, an old chest with nothing but a yappy high strung chihuahua insides!X!!!!!

^You are a very difficult one over theres!X!!!
It pains me because you are cuter than a donkey eating a waffle!X!X!X!@!@!@!!!

I bet as a baby you had a giant egg head!X!X!X!!!! With lots of yolk in the middles!X!X!!!! better than just the pudding between the ears!X!X!!!!!!!
and not cuter that a donkey eithers!X!X!X!!!
^eating waffles

besides you look like you would enjoy yogurt and raisins anyways lil pudding tops!X!X!!!

i do :-)

yogurt with raisins? You are cuter than a mule eating a can of beets!X!X!!!
my lovely honeycomb!X!X!!! it is a necessity that the pudding on your tops be mines and mines only!X!X!!!!
the conundrum must be fixed and fixed as soon as it plausible to plunder with the ass under!X!X!! Fornicated lovings only for me and mines inside a delectable and nurturing you and yours with the squishy sounds made in togetherness!X!!! opening for me with the compassionate puddings overflowing in bliss!X!X!X!X!!!!!

you have a nice face, I must fuck it!Z!XQ

oh oh playing hard to gets over theres down off the yonders!X!X!!!!! Thats ok Im out of your league anyways and you dont deserve a taste of my puddings.!X!X!!!!!
^I do hope you are in good spirits my little sweet and delicious desert mermaid princess!X!X!!!

^"A women"? singular or plural??? I was being facetous as in humorous. Lighten up my little sugarbird!X!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides it is fate that we met here on m.s. today, destiny!!!!
You are a hatchling birthed for me and mines only my luscious starchild!X!X!!!!!

^you mustn't taint our love with your starchiness it bleaches out your lovley honey!X!X!!!!

there she is the luscious one !X!!!!

My luscious princess from the heavens I must rescue you and SOON!X!X!X!!!!! Like right now!X!!! You must come to me immediately if not sooner!X!!!! I must possess you!X!! For ever over the yonders!X!X!!

lmao. are you ok ?

I am delirious due to you my head is in the clouds and my heart is in heaven!X!! I am intoxicated by you and yours only!X!X! No types of medications will relieve me except for your cakes and your cakes only!X!X!X!!!!!!!
^you must deliver them to me!X!!!!
you are a treasure though, love!X!X!!!!! one I hope gets rescued from the bottom of the oceans my sweet litttle mermaid princess!X!X!! I wish to keep you in my genie bottle with me in everglowing happiness for all the eternities combined!X!X!!!!
wow thats so sweet
okay your right

Thursday, September 24, 2009

there she is!X!X!!!!
and next stop......heaven!X!@!!!!miss feenin you have been blue ballin me I want some!X!! Soon I will need some or my man peaches will freeze and fall off!X!X!!@!!well a gracious hark and I reckons to you miss feeninforsomes!X!X!S!@#!!!X!@@##$%^*&*&%%$#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no prob
we must get off to the most glorious of beginnings!!!

so you are lol lol lol in the hood huh all through

not no more now
but still in the hood

you can still be a shot caller and boss hoggin baller w miss delectable deliciousnesses!X!!!
^ask the pops everywheres!X!
^and the moms and the chidrens

but I am sorry to hear you dont keep it extra p.i. anymores, few do though really round them them these here parts though these here days and all

^but good lucks with the chidrens since you have become wifey material with the half up on the chidrens!X!!^^

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

4:05 PM
erikg206 gurp…:
do you think you have a nice face???


if you have a nice face can I fuck it?


^you look like a young version of an old lady that bakes cookies.


^you should let me fuck your face then bake me some cookies!X!!X@$@!

i'd prefer that to between the cups
^cookies would just be a little thank you, or some brownies with the chocolate chips!X!X!!!
^i'd take them with me like a boy who delivers newspapers, thank you 'mam!!!


I am hoping the spermicidal rambunctioning process would leave you with more than just pudding between the ears!X!X!X!X!!!!!
^you seem to be a tough skin raised on gorilla milk you can handle the sploogings!X!!!

and there we would have it miss lovingnes in the fleshes!X!X!!!!!!

oh yeah

^is that reciprocation, is there wetness in the middle?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a glorified hark and I reckons to you today only!X!!!!!!
looks like x-mas lovings!!!!Yumm
^i want some
turkey and giblets and make them yours!!!
only marriage is in order you are wifey material with the half up on the chidrens and soon!!! more cummings inside that silkyness of the silk and additional milkings!X!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

1. I live in the mountains and completed the hot dog eating contest after the spermicidal rambunctiongs at the monster truck rallies at the redneck convention ready for the big night of bingo^and spend my winnings on scratch tickets. Wish to be governor or mayor or may not when the puddings manifest inside hers.
2. Precious saliva on the yum yum transparent helping the protocol of the puddings.

43.i am the aurora borealis in the flesh and the 100% cuties fall head over hills to become the apples in my eyes!X!!! 1 fine day you will be the precious little mermaid in my genie bottle, a triple DDD rainbow in my mouth with areola lovings and we shall be together for all the eternities combined lustily existing in everglowing happiness !X!!!!!!!!

5. I am all the above, a true magnum opus and you will fall head over hills for me, as you are a 100%cutie with genuine cakes and cannot wait to self actualize and begin living the life you have always desired. All it takes is that initial first step to obtain spiritual reward and heartfelt satisfaction!!!

I believe, deep in my heart of hearts that amongst the squandered, homogenous, domesticated populus there lies a sole individual, a thoroughbred 100%cutie, luscious and divine, ready to deliver her cakes and fall head over hills. Overcoming great hurdles, barrells and all, the blinders shall be lifted and you shall run true and free once heeding this beckon call! In my gracious, loyal heart of hearts I believe you also possess the intuitiveness to realize that life long forlorn love is at stake here, and demand the satisfaction and happiness such brings. Bear in mind, most people do not have the opportunity to meet their other half and person who they were meant to be with and live for. It is up to you and you alone to grasp hold of your inner greatness and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity so few are able to witness or experience. To shy away from such is only admitting and living with your shortcomings and sadly damning yourself to a drab, mundane if not slovenly existence, which goes entirely against your very nature! Now is the time to live, strike down your apprehensions and soar to new uncharted heights!!! The opportunities awaiting you are immense, throw caution to the wind and take that first step towards true gratification and spiritual reward!!!!! I give you my word, which is solid gold, a tremendous promise, that such is easily attainable as this is a simple calling that you must heed. Upon doing so all of life's simple pleasures will become unfurled at your lovely feets. Together we will experience a life few ever dream of, one of picnicing,parousing and immense pleasurings!!! In exchange for your lovely cakes which you will graciously provide at my whimsical wimsy , the world, if not the entire universe, will be yours. Again, such opportunities may only come by once in a lifetime, do not allow such tremendous prestige and fortune to go to waste do to simple toms foolery or idle yet enjoyable and inventive indulgances we should be taking care of together! I long for your lovely, heavenly cakes, bring them to me now as this is the protocol of the puddings!X!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I have lovely man peaches too bad you wont let me go jacksoning off in your estrogen jelly housing developments

and provide the puddings after spermicidal rambunctionings
^you're kind of like that self oppressed, closeted sybil girl winona riders in the beetlejuice movie right?

I have a job, i support myself.

^except you have a medical condition giving out too many self high fives

I also have a girlfriend, and my own place.

so you understand navigating social circles is tough when you are childish, rude and self centered and self absorbed and lonely and an overly sensitive rich kid who is very sheltered and ignorant and has high moral standards and unrealistic expectations of my dumb friends and even myself.

I am so sorry for you.

in my delusional state today

perhaps you should live on the street for a while.

which one and where?

doesnt matter too much.

I understand that its difficult having a black name when you are white and living in a boring trailer park with uneducated hillbillies and only having your inbred cousins as friends and being a overly sensitive teenager with real feelings no one can understand. it's just a bad scene.

shenequah shenaynay aiyesha aqua velva jones jackson jefferson juniors. ^i am really a black female who is only 16 and lives off a trust fund and is addicted to scratch tickets

but I long to possess man peaches so I can live through my testicular fortitutes and momentums

or do you want me to encourage your hallucinations?

I have a nice home& my parents earn plenty of money. Im proud of who I am. You don't know me. You don't know the life I live.

its true. and I don't care.

I live in the mountains and compete in hot dog eating contests after the monster truck rallies at the redneck convention
^and spend my winnings on scratch tickets

I want to live in your closet and live of yogurt, beets, and raisins with you and your gf. we can act out plays every evening
^as opposed to living out this satirical farce

then we can move to wyoming, the 3 of us and rent a trailer and raise dacthunds
^ I will run for governor

then you will send me into outerspace with a telepathic time travelling ape who was drugged and accidentally bit off his own hand while eating a bannana
^and we will travel back in time and be right here again 11:13 am pst
except you will have a potato between your legs
^one big man potato

you are perverse
thats exciting to me.

happy spankings.

oh and yess. pearl necklace?

ill take it on the chins.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Man peaches could be testicular in nature

man peaches = ju = you with a j
and j =

miss over theres on top of the yonders!!

Easy there fuzzy little man peachh;

^well hark and I reckons there misses!!

what is a man peach


^what is ju.?

so ju

what am I with a j? what is the j miss?
^what is it related to male peaches?
^is it sexual in nature?
^hope not I am not one of the fornicating types

Man peaches could be testicular in nature

man peaches = ju = you with a j
and j =


jizzom = testosterone puddings from the spermicidal rambunctions within the man peaches?
^overflowing blissfully from the yum yum stick

ju ??? j=jizzom + u=

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The subterfuge technology that separates spermicidal rambunctionings in the form of a gaseous hexa- and testicular -fluorides is less than 7years old. Anyone serious about attaining a element that would develop a superior isotope separation process obviously has been suffering from the crainial gland disorders, possibly with the pudding between the ears as a result. Apart from highly enriched testosterone puddings as a serious program the government would need a highly enriched uterus to interect with a large scale breeder reactor.***Bear in mind, most people do not have the opportunity to meet their other half and person who they were meant to be with and live for. With fission based puddings you get explosive yields of 10's of kilo tons, for fusion based estrogen jellies you get explosive yields in the mega tons and better which you require some highly enriched spermicidal beckonings for. the regression method allows the inference of information for every jacksoning in the hole, enabling comparisons of different factors with cycle lengths. the presence or absence of sperm competition has been shown to be an important factor with influence on sperm production [25]. When sperm competition occurs, males are often selected on the basis of having an increased quantity of sperm. This is evidenced by a significant correlation between the strength of competition and testis size [26–29]. Larger testis volume is linked to higher total sperm production.the loss of some males from a local population has no detrimental consequences due to the rather high population sizes of these two species. In the Lausanne population on the campus of the University, we have trapped and individually marked over 500 individuals of C. russula in a 4 yr jacksoning in your hole process.[34, 42].To separate the effect of metabolic rate from the effect of the mating systems , future studies of sperm cycle length should include, on the one hand, several varient jissom processing protocols and procedures that have low metabolic rates (e.g., Notiosorex [52]) or that lack multiple paternity, and on the other hand, some Crocidura with multiple paternity, if such types exist in nature with proper jacksoning in the hole without inhibitions.I am the aurora borealis in the flesh!X!!!You deserve the finest of compliments bestowed upon you!!Some fine day you will be the apples in my eyes, fall head over hills for me with heels over the head for me!!!! I wish to romance and serenade you, with fine wines and delicious dinners I shall cook for you and you will lovingly enjoy the fine fruits of my labors, and soon,pleasingly!! I am nurturing your anxious ear to bloom real cakes to offer them. Then it would only be deemed appropriate that I go jacksoning off in your estrogen housing development and produce the testosterone puddings for your specific protocols and procedures in relationship to the spermicidal rambuntionings. This isn't rent a center and Mr. Wendel wouldn't figure on that 1 either.
schnookie, this isN't one long easter egg race to the finish line! I am the aurora borealis in human form once more, splooging forth like a duadruple volcano inside the middle of your moistend double rainbow!!! a control, reaffirm your existence and grasp hold of my yum yum insert and swallow lovingly, deeply, graciously.