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The King of Wall Street is reverent in his title as a two-tenth national...

Gonorrheal Pussydick - Gonorrheal Pussydick

Walking Ice Rakes wrote 900 pictures from 10 two dots . .

Floor 6: Raining Returns of Enderloafed Activated SYGNAL-SIGNS-IS the c...

Анал Канта - 60 мёртвоживых животрупных небритых кастрированных мохнатых волосатых яиц (2011)

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Vlad Shegal & Fast - Split

Split hellish projects Vlad Shegal and Fast, on an anonymous imidzhbordam and their inhabitants 01.Vlad Shegal - Alex Mitrokhin - bespectacled snob from Leningrad! 02.Vlad Shegal - Vladimir Shargin - shrimp with Ychana 03.Vlad Shegal - Anna Milush - Stainless 04.Vlad Shegal - Anyone who sits on the anonymous imidzhbordah - gay! 05.Vlad Shegal - Konstantin Knyazev lost hair 06.Vlad Shegal - Who is Alex Naumenko 07.Vlad Shegal - Pevyatkina - dizda 08.Vlad Shegal - Hickey Akhtyrtsev like tentacles 09.Fast - shkolota gets pussy 10.Fast - Invasion of hungry trolls 11.Fast - Internet absorbs dull hikikomori (Akt1) 12.Fast - Hikikomori masturbate to an anonymous kamhorku (Akt2) 13.Fast - Hikikomori left to kill (Akt3) 14.Bonus Track.Fast - Anna Milush - Stainless (Mix)

Vlad Shegal & Vit`koou - Split

Antisocial Split [4-Way Split]

Split between four groups of leftist orientation: Mad accordionist, MyDuck666, Anal Kant and Nicro Wolf, recorded on the eve of Russian parliamentary elections in Russia in 2011 and tells of the attitude of participants split everything that is happening in the country Tracklist: 1. Introduction to Split 2. Mad accordionist - I hate 3. Nicro Wolf - Auto - My Freedom! 4. MyDuck666 - All law enforcement officers fag 5. Mad accordionist - Election of 6. Kant anal - urn with ballots ate - to pamper your stomach 7. MyDuck666 - Vlasov rag 8. Nicro Wolf - Fuck Off!!! 9. MyDuck666 - The Red Terror 10. Mad accordionist - Fascist 11. MyDuck666 - Cut priests and burn churches, ruby icon 12. Nicro Wolf - The Revolution

The Queen of Liverpool is braver than her tits in the thirteenth street

The hemispectrum and malware is attacking the newer spectrums

NiTo - (In memory of fucking hockey team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl) [Single]

Insomniac- Skeletons

Dowload S/T E.P. here:

Herb Mullin - Rock 'n' Roll dreams come true (1996)


Flesh Coffin-Seeing Things.wmv

Insomniac-Good Old Fashion Feedback Fun

Limited Liability Sounds - Transient GENIUS

LLS (Limited Liability Sounds) is the name of the Polish noise/electronic musician Adam MaÅkowski. Project is active since 2006, when appeared first official CD-R release, titled - âSo Hysterical!â. The name "Limited Liability Sounds" is a kind of protest against the treatment of noise as a phenomenon that does not deserve the term as a musical genre. MaÅkowski always claimed that the noise is something natural, which has always accompanied man and has the same rights as silence. Music from the sign LLS is a mixture of extreme electronics, noise and minimalism. You can hear references to artists such as Merzbow, Nurse With Wound or legendary Master Luigi Russolo.

"Transient GENIUS" is an interesting blend of ambient, noise and experimental music. This is special net re-release for Abandonment label.

Fickdichinsknie Paranoid Schizophrenie


To-Bo & Problem Anderer Leute split - Richard Angelo

German noise split-dedication to the serial killer - Richard Angelo, better known as the Angel of Death! Two projects, two tracks, one dedication, many dead!

I.M.d.P. - La prostituzione al tempo del concilio di trento (2011)


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VERARSCHE Peter Lustig und Caillou in der Tagesschau

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(Reupload) My blood is indigo, but you are not

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Episode V:: Rayman's Reaction of underloaded active SYN-SIN-SIS combinat...