Saturday, August 27, 2011

endometrium cuntplow - in black and white

1. [*]
2. [*][*]
3. [*][*][*]
4. [*][*][*][*]
5. [*][*][*][*][*]

They will be - - my property on the day (the massacre)and I will have no compassion on them!X!X!!X! the righteous and the wicked, between those and theirs...a day as hot as an oven will cook you!!!!. ( redemption is spherical,and the vultures hover above ground!!!So remember when all the arrogant evildoers get burned up.... I will not be the gracious host - and burn they will live calves in the barn with the doors locked!X!@X!!@@!@@#%$%^&*()(&%$#@!!!

tori black

I will speak & Keep in mind the law of my servants. The message,before it arrives, is the greatest and will bring dreadful days for the Lord!!!! because they convert the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers; well, strike them and the land with a cursed!(NWO 3 ° WWnuclear). tonight this work is enough!

Rebecca Lane - Big Tits Patrol

RedSK + Re-Killed - RedSKilled Split
those sluts, that are afraid, they can be full of demons!!!! made us all free and irrational men, and not entirely ignorant, foolish murderers!! atheists, for cultural reasons should return Because, everyone knows: that extraordinary wickedness treads down under the soles of your feet!!!

MixeDuPm3$$ - NeNa

1. 9900
2. 131021323
3. Arise Chicken Arise
4. Blahblahblah
5. Fafafuck
6. Iwantmybabybackribbs
7. Linden Center Blues
8. NeNa
9. Redie Must Die

Dental Work - Overdose Orgasms EP

All Sounds On This Album Were Created With:
Yamaha Portasound PCS-500 Keyboard, Casio CTK-519 Keyboard, Crate BX-15 Amp, Peavy KB 15 Amp, Boss Digital Delay DD-3 Pedal, Boss Metal Zone MT-2 Pedal, Super NES, Nintendo 64, PS2, Dell Pentium 4 Desktop CPU, Oujia Board, Sony PS-LX250H Turntable, Dennon DRA-275R Amp, Dennon DCD-695, Tredex TX-3000 DVD Player, Peavy 4 String Bass Guitar, First Act Microphones, Magix Audio Studio 10 Deluxe, Magix MIDI 10, Boss Dr. Rythm DR-3 Drum Machine, Old Movies, Records, Samples, Noise, Voices, Video Games, Tortured Screams, LSD, A Switchblade, Super Mario Effects Keychain, Weird Toys from the 80's and 90's.

Labels Dental Work Is On: Placenta Recordings/System Breakdown Recordings/Dadaist Audio/Trashfuck Net/Nail In The Coffin Records


Die Geburt von Hans Rosenthal

The incredible bollock yobs with kakke disease in the bloody hell spelun...

@echo structInions semispectrum Kilolitres a is 472 != %TechTech%. So I'...

Nah. Chutley had a crush on Glaceon.

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Lario & Muigi Kidnap Robotnik And Take Him To Hell

Monday, August 22, 2011

Even Freaks Are Sweet - Drive-In Autopsy

harte strafe für fickende motorradfahrer auf penis drehtabak fettweib da...

The ruin of all those
││"Amen" is forced
Everyone the bad?
││who will be solely responsible
││ in my kingdom which
││has already begun? there is not
││a job that Satan in all
││worlds! rebels will be punished!
││but, This is not the Bible.
Masons Satanist people with: Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission
♛♔♰those who reject my love? === eternally damned!X!X!!!!!!!!:) be
♛♰♥♛♰ I am the monarchy

Springtime Tragedy - Ente
the Illuminati,do realize, in a planned way 100 thousands of dysfunctions: so, into mode invisible! through debt, ignorance, control of all strategic resources, their secret societies, Freemasonry, Satanism, etc. the hornswaggling has commneced with your heels at the nips! When will you head crush and we will see by your eyes, a I do my job,is necessary! But you are for the destruction of the sewer, cemetery and decay!X!!!!!!! You have chosen the wrong place that is for all the cowards and parasites!!!

Fuck God And Fuck You - Pink Jesus


YOu not never helped me, but, not helped you?And who has not been protected ? You'd And then already! But protecting a sinner ? This isn't a real mystery! The infinite, his invisibility ... is a war!!And against all violate the cicumspections. However,who approved the totality?......

and truly: Schizophrenic!

doggy style

big brunette

Die Geburt von Hans Rosenthal

Pollux-Fuck God And Fuck You - Split

boyfriend films GF

on top

Virginturtlewhore - Evoluphilia

The incredible bollock yobs with kakke disease in the bloody hell spelun...

Dan van Amsterdam rides your Hitchcock Marioana mobile to urinal vomitin...

Ants in my Pants ep. 7 - Under Where?

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Ramleh-Ramleh 1982 (Harsh Industrial Noise-Power Electronics)

Sypha Nadon: 4NIC8

4NIC8 is the proper studio follow-up to Sypha Nadon's 2009 album "Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night." Due to the sexual content of this album it is recommended primarily for adults, though Wilhelm Reich would probably disagree on this point.

"All things fornicating all the time." -Austin Osman Spare

Track listing:

1. ! (2:03)
2. Orgasm (4:49)
3. STRIPPER (3:03)
4. Kit10's Shower (0:55)
5. Fucking Lichelle (4:01)
6. Sara's B00bz (5:09)
7. Piano Piece for Cocksucking (2:40)
8. Slutz (6:00)
9. Room Service (7:27)
10. Booby Luvin' Alien (0:14)

Total Running Time: around 35-36 minutes

Sypha Nadon (all drones, beats, guitar, bass, electronics, noise, organs, sexophone)
James Champagne (samples, + piano on trax 1 & 7)
DJ Munge: (turntable scratching on trax 5)

Guest performances: Kitten Natividad (trax 4), Lichelle Marie (trax 5), Sara Jay (track 6), Brent Corrigan and Carson (trax 9). The performers on trax 2,3,7 & 8 wish to remain anonymous

Samples from tracks 1 & 10 taken from the Japanese anime film "Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better." Track 4 is a sample from the film "Takin' It All Off" (1987). Samples from track 9 taken from a Brent Corrigan film entitled "Room Service." Many of the other samples on this album were taken from videos found on the Dailymotion website.

All songs by Sypha Nadon
Recorded 2011 at Mauve Zone Recordings Studios
Produced by James Champagne
Front and back cover art assembled by James Champagne (with special thanks to AOS)
Front cover model: Leanne Crow / Back cover model: Brent Corrigan

Monday, August 8, 2011

Knights On Ostriches - Frequencies To Joust To

Governments, Politicians, Religions, masons, industrial, Jews, notaries, leaders, elite, can not take away these hornswagglers and their ventures -> Thesis: the fake and falsified enlightened minions & harbingers of injustice!!!:

1. kill you, angry peoples are desperate! Possibly the fault of Politicians, alone?
2. Rich People, without diversity in barter system for wealth , collective and individual, must be streamrolled , burned at the stakes!!
3. better handling, of all peoples in putting out to the pasture like the sheep, kicked in the cans!

And for the facilities: secret services, NWOSatanists, Beelzebamboozeld thinking tanks, Coroporate monopolies, Political bribing lobbyist, Satanists, corporations, banking system seigniorage, media conglomorates ....... homes burned and banks looted!X!X!!!!
CONCLUSIONS: as soon as possible!