Saturday, April 30, 2011

Insecticide Lobotomy- Mister Limey

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Vulgar Disease - Bare Knuckle Death

Vulgar Disease - Las Muertas

Vulgar Disease - Chasing Patte

Vulgar Disease - Structural Violence

Vulgar Disease Lineup Of Suspects

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Evening Gown - Breakfast

Evening Gown - Dinner

Evening Gown - Lunch

Astral Vomit - sh part 2

Astral Vomit - fk

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Taint - Measured in Woman's Lives - Every Little Girl (Biteworks) (V.A. ...

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"moose in a jar" by durik the temptress from the album "release ov fail"

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Thursday, April 28, 2011


vomit noise - Sometimes I Pee Noise To
Permit me to introduce my self to you Late Dr Daniel and Jacqueline Fabou the political capital
city of Cote d'ivoire and he was also strong politisian, Abidjan Cote
d’ivoire that some unknown arm men REBELS came into the house and left
explosive material in the house that boomed every one in the house with
my parents including the security men and the house helps.

Rebels and they killed the two children and there mother, I have no place to go now as it
stands (Four Million Three Hundred thousand
United states Dollars) Abidjan for me to follow political bank in Ghana will be the 30% of the total sum for you and your family

Akamushi / Bubblegum Noise - Poo Pop

Dzyan Time: an Illuminating Noise Meditation

Special representative of the Institute, Professor Walks to Work, is the very special guest of this very special episode of the L0cast!
sez the Professor, "Dzyan Time has been specially designed to be what we at the Institute like to refer to as an 'illuminating noise meditation.' What that means for you as the listener is a quick and easy means to attain enlightenment, results may vary depending on karmic predispositions, planetary alignments and familiarity with meditation practice. If 'enlightenment' doesn't sound like your bag might I add that listening to this piece never fails to 'get me high.' Either way its one very interesting half of an hour."

Enema Noise - Vice/Barbwire [Single 2010]

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Lich unto loves lawe hath yive. Mai nevere in him kepe for alle. Wher thou miht noght serve and preide. Suche wordes herde telle he tok aweie.

Dopamine Larvae - Gula [[[ Pecados Capitales IV ]]]

Various Artists-Noise Banquet

I Vomit Noize: tracks 1-8
Playing with Nuns: tracks 9-13

Duration: 44 minutes


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good vibrations

Lost, season 72061694, episode 8: Elephants Dissolving the Fat in Their ...

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Sunday, April 24, 2011