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The King of Wall Street is reverent in his title as a two-tenth national...

Gonorrheal Pussydick - Gonorrheal Pussydick

Walking Ice Rakes wrote 900 pictures from 10 two dots . .

Floor 6: Raining Returns of Enderloafed Activated SYGNAL-SIGNS-IS the c...

Анал Канта - 60 мёртвоживых животрупных небритых кастрированных мохнатых волосатых яиц (2011)

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Vlad Shegal & Fast - Split

Split hellish projects Vlad Shegal and Fast, on an anonymous imidzhbordam and their inhabitants 01.Vlad Shegal - Alex Mitrokhin - bespectacled snob from Leningrad! 02.Vlad Shegal - Vladimir Shargin - shrimp with Ychana 03.Vlad Shegal - Anna Milush - Stainless 04.Vlad Shegal - Anyone who sits on the anonymous imidzhbordah - gay! 05.Vlad Shegal - Konstantin Knyazev lost hair 06.Vlad Shegal - Who is Alex Naumenko 07.Vlad Shegal - Pevyatkina - dizda 08.Vlad Shegal - Hickey Akhtyrtsev like tentacles 09.Fast - shkolota gets pussy 10.Fast - Invasion of hungry trolls 11.Fast - Internet absorbs dull hikikomori (Akt1) 12.Fast - Hikikomori masturbate to an anonymous kamhorku (Akt2) 13.Fast - Hikikomori left to kill (Akt3) 14.Bonus Track.Fast - Anna Milush - Stainless (Mix)

Vlad Shegal & Vit`koou - Split

Antisocial Split [4-Way Split]

Split between four groups of leftist orientation: Mad accordionist, MyDuck666, Anal Kant and Nicro Wolf, recorded on the eve of Russian parliamentary elections in Russia in 2011 and tells of the attitude of participants split everything that is happening in the country Tracklist: 1. Introduction to Split 2. Mad accordionist - I hate 3. Nicro Wolf - Auto - My Freedom! 4. MyDuck666 - All law enforcement officers fag 5. Mad accordionist - Election of 6. Kant anal - urn with ballots ate - to pamper your stomach 7. MyDuck666 - Vlasov rag 8. Nicro Wolf - Fuck Off!!! 9. MyDuck666 - The Red Terror 10. Mad accordionist - Fascist 11. MyDuck666 - Cut priests and burn churches, ruby icon 12. Nicro Wolf - The Revolution

The Queen of Liverpool is braver than her tits in the thirteenth street

The hemispectrum and malware is attacking the newer spectrums

NiTo - (In memory of fucking hockey team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl) [Single]

Insomniac- Skeletons

Dowload S/T E.P. here:

Herb Mullin - Rock 'n' Roll dreams come true (1996)


Flesh Coffin-Seeing Things.wmv

Insomniac-Good Old Fashion Feedback Fun

Limited Liability Sounds - Transient GENIUS

LLS (Limited Liability Sounds) is the name of the Polish noise/electronic musician Adam MaÅkowski. Project is active since 2006, when appeared first official CD-R release, titled - âSo Hysterical!â. The name "Limited Liability Sounds" is a kind of protest against the treatment of noise as a phenomenon that does not deserve the term as a musical genre. MaÅkowski always claimed that the noise is something natural, which has always accompanied man and has the same rights as silence. Music from the sign LLS is a mixture of extreme electronics, noise and minimalism. You can hear references to artists such as Merzbow, Nurse With Wound or legendary Master Luigi Russolo.

"Transient GENIUS" is an interesting blend of ambient, noise and experimental music. This is special net re-release for Abandonment label.

Fickdichinsknie Paranoid Schizophrenie


To-Bo & Problem Anderer Leute split - Richard Angelo

German noise split-dedication to the serial killer - Richard Angelo, better known as the Angel of Death! Two projects, two tracks, one dedication, many dead!

I.M.d.P. - La prostituzione al tempo del concilio di trento (2011)


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Girlfriend Gets A Ride

VERARSCHE Peter Lustig und Caillou in der Tagesschau

Beautiful Blonde Mane

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(Reupload) My blood is indigo, but you are not

Huge Hooters Suck Artist

Thailand walks strangely with his dick world to Chechnya!

Big Heart-Shaped Ass

Lice in poowater for some loo ice cream

Amazing Big Tits Girl

Episode V:: Rayman's Reaction of underloaded active SYN-SIN-SIS combinat...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RedSK, c4, Scissor Shock, ExCxPx, Dental Work - Black & White Era 5way #1

1. RedSK - A Lashing For Ypsilanti
2. c4 - 64M
3. Scissor Shock - Eat Your Megolamaniac Organs
4. endometrium cuntplow - Vultures Ate My Face Again
5. Dental Work - Nerve Gas Lullaby Mix

Section 3 // Anal tennis tits in Jalapeño's chopped ramen sauce book

Mordecai Can't Focus

& - Round 2

FaTaLiTy - Round 4

Here's A Story Of A Cowboy Fighting A Business Man

Walking Ice Rakes wrote 900 pictures from 10 two dots . .

RedSK vs. endometrium cuntplow - Naughty Shadow Puppets Trapped In Cartoon Prison

1. I'm All Out Of Jokes Again, Intro
2. Crimes Of Shadow Laughter Against Light [Pt. 1]
3. Peppeteering The Alley Bulb...
4. Fat Albert Just Snuck In Some Pastels Rectally
5. Run, Bugs Bunny! It's Hunting Season!
6. You'll Be Making Hand Dogs On The Prison Walls
7. Cavemen And Natives Wasted A Lot Of Berries On Them Cave Drawings
8. Dark Sweaty Chafing Halitosis Breath Gas Spanking
9. If I Had A Dime For Every Shadow Puppet I've Made At A Campfire...
10. Sentenced To Life In Cartoon Prison [You Can't Just Paint A Tunnel Out Of This One]

NOTES: "Produced by Patrick Doyle & David Matheke
Recorded, performed, & programmed by Patrick in his Super Fly Non Quality Buzz Box Bassment
Arranged, manipulated, & mixed by David Lucien Matheke in his Serpent Holder Studio, November 10-18, 2007."


World 2 - A Tentative Tennis Treat For Chipping Chelsea's Chosen Choppin...

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Amateur Home Video

Black Veins - Black Veins

01 - Sleep Deprived
02 - Hell And High Water
03 - Vices
04 - Means To a Dead End
05 - The Burden of Failure

Black Veins



Lice in poowater for some loo ice cream

Scarlet Sail - Отправь sms на короткий номер (2011)

MOTOR TRADE! Psychic Terror - fag! Tracklist: 01. I love pop-up advertising banners 02. Send SMS to short number 03. You do not want to send an SMS, so you're no longer my friend 04. Distribute this track 10ti people and you will have happiness 05. Sign up and get a discount right now 06. Lose weight by 10 kg per week07. Enter your name and you'll learn all about it 08. Place an order right now 09. Increase your own term of up to 10 cm 10. Two minutes in the gift DETAILS FOR MATERIAL ASSISTANCE Fuckinnefor'u (dismemberment PUGACHOVA) attached separately FILE INCLUDED for the album. 


Petite Girlfriend Blows Big Pole

VERARSCHE Peter Lustig und Caillou in der Tagesschau

Area 4: Analysis of Raymond's Steady-State Jalapeño Synthesis Reactor

Redhead MILF In Field

Harreh SchrrSch Opium Tuntenfucknichtenhicks fiel in Götterscheiße

NiTo - Павел Дуров-пидорас [Single] (2011)


Pulpose Organs - Guts Experiment

01 - Colon Inversion Calamity
02 - Blistering Skin Boil Burst
03 - Guts Experiment
04 - Gruesome Display Of Public Perversion

Pulpose Organs
Intense Gurgling Gore Grind
Moe Lest(H)er - Formaldehyde Phlegm Throat
Shitter - Guitars and Drums


Peruaxesofia eats ballistic cheese

Er Er, das Taschenpferd schmeckte in Götterreis

Harry Bohia und die sechs Geschmacksrichtungen von Opa Gottshit

James Doesn't Exist - Leeches

01 - Mega Shark
02 - Thirty Years From Now
03 - Weitzman Twins
04 - Ventriloquist
05 - Revive As One
06 - Sulfuric Acid
07 - A Final Interpretation

James Doesn't Exist

Nikolai Gawin - All Instruments

Released on Torn Flesh Records, November, 2011
On Twitter @tornfleshrecs 

James Doesn't Exist is a project of Nikolai Gawin. As well as writing all the music, all the instruments are played/programmed by Nikolai. Gia Chodzen also does something. 

"Leeches" was recorded in October of 2011 in a desolate shack in Illinois. All the recording and mixing was handled by Nikolai Gawin. 

Album artwork by Emil Gorgioski and Nikolai Gawin. 
Thanks to Emil Gorgioski for the logo. 
Thanks to Steve Roggenbuck for allowing the usage of his sound clips. 


Deepthroat And Facial

Expert At Pleasuring Dick

Tight Teen Doggystyle

Bernie, Ert, machen Fuck

Gorematory - Zombie Slaughterfest

Gorematory - Zombie Slaughterfest

1) Beginning of Bloodshed
2) Medical Execution
3) Undying Bloodthirst
4) Crushed and Splattered
5) Ripped by the Rabid
6) Sadistic Slaughter
7) Gutted for Consumption
8) Zombie Ritual (Death Cover)
9) Massacres Unleashed
10) Mass Dismemberment
11) Zombie Slaughterfest


Vincent Caligari - Guitar, Vokills
Jerry "Jigsaw" Bakman - Drums, Backing Vokills/Promoting
Kevin Lopez - Bass, Video Director/Shooter

Released on Torn Flesh Records, November, 2011
On Twitter @tornfleshrecs 


Gonorrheal Pussydick - Gonorrheal Pussydick (2011)

1. Devil in the Wall
2. Kill the moving body
3. How to fly eggs


My little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Deleted scene of Rainbow Dash

Thomas Gottfucking Schalk nimmt Tabletten und fasst seine schlanke Klang...

Cheerleader Doggystyle

Анал Канта - 60 мёртвоживых животрупных небритых кастрированных мохнатых волосатых яиц (2011)

Whole directory

Blonde Fucked From Behind

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Level 1: The tempting tennis tale of Chelsea's common cracking cutting-e...

Harri Hirsch und Opas Entengeschmacksrichtungssex mit einer Götterspeiße

Chewing Gum And Sucking Me

Blonde Teen Bent Over

Vlad Shegal & Fast - Split (2011)

01.Vlad Shegal - Алексей Митрохин - очкастый сноб из Ленинграда!
02.Vlad Shegal - Владимир Шаргин - рачок с Ычана
03.Vlad Shegal - Анна Милуш - ЕРЖ
04.Vlad Shegal - Все, кто сидит на анонимных имиджбордах - геи!
05.Vlad Shegal - Костя Князев потерял волосы
06.Vlad Shegal - Кто такой Саша Науменко
07.Vlad Shegal - Певяткина - дизда
08.Vlad Shegal - Хикка Ахтырцева любит тентакли
09.Fast - Школота получает пизды
10.Fast - Нашествие голодных троллей
11.Fast - Интернет поглощает унылого хикикомори(Акт1)
12.Fast - Хикикомори дрочит на анонимную камхорку (Акт2)
13.Fast - Хикикомори вышел убивать(Акт3)
14.Bonus Track.Fast - Анна Милуш - ЕРЖ (mix)

Episode V:: Rayman's Reaction of underloaded active SYN-SIN-SIS combinat...

UberHaxorNova Goes Ballistic On A Cheeseball

Ernie, Bert, im Sack ( Poop Tennis - Zatzen vs. CorruptionSound )

Teen GF Big Tits Groped

Cumming On Wifes Breasts

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dilithium Tourdes - The Dirty Dick Outlaw

Dieseltennis und Organenmus

Ben 10, king of hill, the master of strongmen! He's looking for yobs and...

xROTTEN NOISEx - Anal Graceland

Ice bee and anal desutroyah!

Take the ☞☎☜ and make a ☞☏☜ out of it

which is the value of th armies he has? is the policy, which would have the power to do good or bad, a no interest? But then could expose his crimes and his abuse! well, not interested in arousing truth and justice: because its the predation against people and peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: that is imbued with: satanism .. here's why: : always to win! but this metaphysics is my friend! the balance in the world have been rendered fragile !!!!!!!!!!!

Sure, the cockruption is flying with FapMS-DOS 6.0 to make moutain shits...

RedSK - Purple And Brown Death

Lice poo in waterloo town for some bunny tetris

Fun with tennis catching for the sacred girl police

Der Fernsehtheaterquatsch

Fight all you have been on the breast: Like all dazzled by the attack:different, but cleanse oneself: the accumulated mud: in the thousands of years: here: I can see: clearly, without veils of optical illusions: the eyes with lots of beams: planted in deforested: the already poor bald: I will not attack you: I just want to give you a boost: you are sleeping - : at this to break: I act on behalf of the and in the name of all peoples,yet prevented to act!

Funny tennis match of Boris Becker versus IAMSAPER (GER vs. POL)


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Zilbread - Factories Burning

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GAAD-Astral Vomit - Split


Alex Spalding - 2hrsh