Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stalaggh (video)

we have the power to remove the extermination of this generation simply with the cutting of the sacks! Some say We must destroy, for ourselves and for all, inertia and fatalism and let the existential dread wash over us all . If you can make the first steps in faith. These, in the legion with false temptresses, the masons, NWO, nigerian witches, a scattered flock without a shepherd , or borne from purest of evils??? , glory to God in the heavens and on earth peace to all those he loves? . You can not defy God! God can erase this generation, but can also take care of his children: the poor. The God's will? is illuminate our hearts with its light, "may you: rambunction and have joyous pudding protocols in a time of joy!"

heavenly creature? Yes, with cakes and the midgets under the shirts! we are all human after all, so have the protocols! .. When God formed Adam and when he spoke he was desirous of cakes! the plural when consulted with himself was for plundering in methodology and principle. With who spoke? Who loved him: the Holy for be so full of love and happiness? Where was came the joy he felt, so that: has create countless creatures, in which could pour out the fullness of his joy: full of blessings? Full of puddings!!!!!!!!!!!! For those who not have the wax of sin on the soul still they might have tasted the fine yolk of the rambunction!!!! ? the Word is forced to be true man and true God? Because there can be true love !

a dirty job and a clean working, it aftermath. you choose, now how I have to work on you? Matters not as long as the pudding protocols are fullfilled!
Now that you have fallen under my justice. amen alleluia and succumbing to my favorite positionings ? can not be glimpsed from the good womanhoodwinkings and hornswaggling of cakes? and then, you have: no chance none! it can not be reached: by your faculty. I'm invisible to you and enlightened. My knife is sharp! i may be behind yours and in loving fashionings!!

Satan! Ending the rambunction over luvviness, protruding the NWO? //idiot: what end? is not religion of protocol for puddings but the Kingdom of Gods? "you are the satanists in elfbearing ethics", Indeed, your God is Satan if zero rambunctioning!and then? Without the perceptions of the in out? You tell me who I should not hate? But God told me: "You are the hope, therefore, you must forgive everyone?"and if you do not want to forgive? then how can you have God's forgiveness ? : mercy, love, compassion, mercy, kindness, adoration, contemplation, will not overcome of replace the muscle spasms of glorious rambunction! under the curse of impotency = wretched poverty.if you are not freed , toll of blood, for all the your crimes you have done , zero rambunctions forever!!!

when the castor oil been spilt, the crying in argentina spent, the rambunctions finished and ending in the alls , what thens?
Luvviness will still exist!
_____♥___ ___♥______

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Havoc on Fire - Psychocentral Electroism

Abissi (video)

The heavenly creature? am dead with him? I also have risen, transfigured, glorified and deified: all with the protocols. , I took an eternal, permanent position: the "throne room" of God, that all his kingdom, in my harem. 1. death and 2nd. resurrection, my being: all is different. in the world? For me it means nothing! Living in the world? Pudding protocol and rambunction to the fullest!!!

Only the love of the cakes, the fornication and the spermicidal forclosures , is the measure, of a God without measure. God is perfect,as are the rambunctions? If so him who rambunctions fully do not need anything. that is, God is eternally happy with the rambunctions and pudding process. God did create only to send and share the exuberance of his joy: his love? However it is in the nature of love, that is the nature of the donor of receive the recognition of thankfulness. Love and be loved in return is justice, called "wisdom"! Therefore the honorable exuberance is shot deeply within the cakes! Therefore, the man who does not love God, does he side with celibacy? he is a failure! What man can contend with God or with his give up his own rambunction? To contend with him? you should be at his level... but you're not!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


All that matters in my heart of hearts are knowing you are 100% cutie makes it all worthwhile. I am not trying to jump ahead of the shuffle or leave a live shark on your doorstep or in your hallway so 2 speak i mentioned this to multitudes before. MUST be 100% real cutie and want to fall head over hills for me despite having great difficulty not falling over because of me. MUST 100% real cutie because I see how you want to fall head over hills for me and i know you are having great difficulty not falling over because of me. Big Risk on my part because I do not know if you are 100% cutie not taken for risks involved?!!.

You probably are 100% real cutie and you want to fall head over hills for me, consciously or subconsciously, never unwittingly. Hark one time over the yonders, apples in the eyes fortifies the luvvynesses.
You realize that you not only should fall head over hills for me but indeed would, in fact you think it would be hard not to.
Have you decided to nurture me for the remainder of your temporal existence in the earthly realm, providing me nurturing loving sexy of which brings you great happiness? Bears in the mindedness? Realize you suffer from mortality issuings, must grip tighting to luvvyness pronto to make it all satisfactory.

general torkling 3 in vitro of being dedictaed to the dictum -

1. you are 100% real cutie and you want to fall head over hills for me.
2. You realize that you not only could fall head over hills for me but should and indeed would, in fact you think it would be hard not to. For ONCE in your life turn the cards in your favor! All it takes is that initial first step to take control of your life, to reaffirm your existence and grasp hold of your inner greatness!!
3. FACT above all else - most people do not have the opportunity to meet their other half and person who they were meant to be with and live for. This is your once in a lifetime opportunity!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#1.step to trample on the enemy! But, many men never go at "3" and "4" spot.Unless underneath the beds when all the bettings are off.

Judas with the money of betrayal, he buys the "field". Like, that guy who threw himself on his sword for bleeding.illness, accidents, infections obsessions, possessions, anxiety, depression, disorders, insomnia, despair, madness:documentations?Wilsoning without the cakes? Judas Pay per view fiasco in the den of thievery?

Judgement perfect! that the world trembles, under the blows . the love? Indeed, it cuts out demons to embarrass religions! In spiritual formation, and psychological vulnerability ? Nigerian witch-hoodwinkings? But there is not a vulnerability in the pure, and there is no falsehood , metaphysical. a double game: is an enormous power, invincible. : the truth. But the Satanists and IMF are in utter despair a perfect theology: mercy to all mankind? They think in KNots! God will have saved all mankind from destruction announced?