Wednesday, August 25, 2010

\keep your sperm to yourself man
you can get medication from the drug store for crabs or any other std
who's got the std?

today im going to the cemetary to talk with dead people

and maybe play a game where u move the claw around
+ try to lower it on the right spot
to knock the prize into the hole
♔♥ : dont put your "prize" in any holes dont know what might grab a hold of it
last time i won a furry round dog that bounces around

you can't get that prize anywhere else

only at that shop

we have delusional silly rambunctioning zealots in here, Puts on boxing gloves
shakes ropes

stamps feet
♔♥ : rocky (sylvester stallone) goes "ding ding"
sticks his "prize" in a hole over a gravestone in the cemetary

Choked From Anus / Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator / Womb Goo Gai Pan- 3 WaysSplit ''Entering The Vaginal-Axi''


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Excepter - Obedience


Mike Love 666 "The Milk And Cheese Tapes Vol.2 - Smiling Like A Broken Window (the Nautilus Deconstruction Re-mix Milk & Cheese)"

mike Love 666 "no title as such"

Raperies (Like Draperies) - I. Or. What. That.

grasshopper - wretched blood wraith

jungle gym vaginas - doll hair

Kevin Shields - Death Of Patience

Mike Shiflet & Jessica Rylan - disguised as librarians

Disthroned Agony - Saigyo Urusai Oishii

Antuan Graftio - Sex-XXL

Disthroned Agony - The Private Pleasures Of William Bennett

Te amo Dianalga / abuse - Durik the temptress

LATEX BABY -Pierced clits & razorblades- video

Monday, August 23, 2010

harking on top of the yonders to fill the harem (for detailed 'co-axial physico-chemical investigations) .

but yeah satan thats our suggestion to ya
sexy hoe
if i simply hark on top of the yonders i fill my harem fast
I smell goood

Necromantic_siN: i am in necromantic_harem!

wait who are you stalking here puka
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you taste good too
like soap

καη∂ч_ραηтs you dont mean that
im gonna jump in the next train to grandcentral

kandy you muff divers

καη∂ч_ραηтs *fondles harder*
καη∂ч_ραηтs are Necromantic?
♔♥ ♥: angels with the wings are different than camel toes

Adrian Juarez - Gluten

Roberto Maldoror Manfredini - Sposalizio Oltranzista

The "oltranzista" is not a special category of italian futurism, in fact this is an album of pure wedding reception music. Futurism is an italian complotto and the propaganda is ours, so ze italo-futurism is a national question and not a problem of undercover bossanova et whatever.

Friday, August 20, 2010

LaDIeS & gEnTLeMeN- vidéo

-(rG13)- -HoNtE- vidéo

eLLe PLeUrE- vidéo par -(rG13)-

12112 lizrds?
hopefully zero lizards packing inside baby gerber bottles
born 12/12. ah
you are a christmas bunny of the utmost deliciousness thens
not a gallivanting trollop

whiggling of the oz

Protagonist wigger king of all Luvy's not the ace boon coon in charge (scott baio and ricky shroeder suburban house boat dreamy eyes?) The storage of catastrophes retold to L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz antecedants? 1600 re-performances and honorable Charlie Smalls waiting to spin in the gravy of the wagon train?

-The Feeling We Once Had after the upping of the Aunties inside Em and a horrible tornado? He's The WIGGER Wizard - Not A Lion or a mechanized heartless gallivanting zealot!! Hot air ballons ahoy silly bosuns on the yonders, blue balling ethics forecasted NOT.

Havoc On Fire vs. Endometrium Cuntplow - Cunts On Fire Split

Zebra Mu - Lavatorial Hardware Bondage

A Touch Of Death - Love Songs For The Peanutbutter Eating Hippo In You


king of all lovies a vehement opponent of technological progress and a flasified textile artisan noodling to destroy mechanized looms and indulging his pretentious proclivities unlike Ned Ludd, 18th century Leicestershire workman who destroyed a knitting frame, a real true blue ham and egger.
King of all luvy's, BAH and a double humbugging on that front. Claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit standing sancrosanct with the luddites with ostentatious testicular fortitudes, vehement explicit or implicit, to some

distinction, importance, dignity, or excellence; affectedly grand; ostentatious but a FAP HEARTED MALCONTENT through and through till the cows come home.


plant headed self imposed fascist typical two fisted ham and egger overbearing with the assertions of making asses of you and me holding up the the standard protocols and procedures ad nauseum with zero intensive purposes on the agenda-
pudding pop as a billy club ready for the laughter at your expense and then a pat on ones own back and a merry self image

endometrium cuntplow - Kelly's Bedroom Era EP

The (7/13) Moon - Final Part, Part 2

Goatcum - "Raped By nuoh"

MyDuck666 - "Black Bayan Metal"

AUD - "Live At McKenzie Park"

Tonedead - "Pretty Sodomy"

Goatcum - " Opening The Book of Filth "

SABAOTH - " Lesbitch "

Zebra Mu / Hinyouki - " Enmusubi "

Trivial Pudding - " Power Tools for Girls "

endometrium cuntplow / Kids Shooting Kittens / [dv's]internal improv / iNSTANT PANCAKEs - 2 Man Sexy 4

White Torture - " 3 on a Meathook "

Viking Movement - " Unittled Live "