Friday, February 26, 2010

Ice Breathing - Becoming Vegetable

New York State once produced 106 different kinds of apples, and each one looked and tasted different. This variety no doubt pleased apple-lovers, but it proved quite inefficient from the point of view of the market. It would be much more sensible if there were only three or four types of apple. Appearance and shelf-life would be important, but not flavour. In fact, favour must be eliminated because different people like different flavours. This is "irrational." If all apples taste alike and look alike, however, and if they all taste pretty much like raw potatoes and look like Jungian archetypes, then soon everyone will forget that apples ever tasted different. Most important in this process is image. The Apple has become part of the body of the Image, the global imaginaire, the universal unchanging mystical vortex of control, of hegemony, of separation. The Apple transcends the mere accidental bodies of random russets, winesaps, pippins, this windfall or that sour green one, good for pie, or this bruised one, good for cider. The wizards of genetics triumph, and soon there is only one pure Apple. New York State's orchards go to seed and are overgrown by scrub, or ripped out to build housing developments. Of the 106 varieties, how many survive?

Skism - explot code

Repetition is so fantastic, anti-glop. Listening to a dial tone in Bb, until American Tel & Tel messed and turned it into a mediocre whistle, was fine. Short waves minus an antenna give off various noises, band wave pops and drones, hums, that can be tuned at will and which are very beautiful. Eastern music is allowed to have repetition. That's ok for glops with strawhats and dulcimers between their blue legs... they don't listen to it, or see it, but they sanction it. Andy Warhol's movies are so repetitious sometimes, so so beautiful. Probably the only interesting films made in the U. S. Rock-and-roll films. Over and over and over. Reducing things to their final joke. Which is so pretty.

Milke Love 666 - 4 mothers

"the afterlife is for people who are afraid of the dark"

Strider - Dedicated to The Church of the Subgenius


There are two ways of understanding the notion of play: playing cards, dominos, checkers; or the play of a mechanical part when it is loose in its housing. I think, in fact, that the second is the angle from which we should envision play today. Play is not something that brings pleasure; on the contrary, it expresses a shift in reality, an unaccustomed mobility with respect to reality. To play today, in a certain sense, means to choose between two realities. A concrete factual reality: meet someone, love that person, make love to that person. Or, the game reality: use the technologies of cybersex to meet that person from a distance, without touching or risk of contamination, contact without contact.

What is at play in this case is an illness different from that associated with traditional games and provoked by chance. Gamblers canât do without chanceâthey are addicted to it and canât break the habit. I believe that alongside those addicted to chance, to roulette, to cards, or to any game, a new kind of addict is forming: the addict of the virtual. People who canât do without virtuality will become hooked on virtuality and will find themselves in an awkward position, torn between these two realities. We can see it on Wall Street and in the stock markets, already casinos where the "traders" or "golden boys" play with the virtuality of international markets which are increasingly disconnected from the economic reality of the world.

Monday, February 8, 2010

doofling of the gorgonized variety.

Figure you would be quite quizzical in scope.

What are you talking about?

Rippled Pitts, could be dangerous, i would offer up a hark and I reckons 1st, just utilizing common sense.

guess you'll have to stay there underneath the beds with the yogurt and kidney beans and wait it all out, who know how long that will be.

ok well i will be departing now, seems you are still having difficulty over there with the comprehensive systems.
^better luck in the futures.

^ now i see the light at the end of the tunnells, thank you and yours from a gracious me and mines!!! You have exposed yourself as the milk of the humane kindest!!!!!
^grand celebrations are ready to be ordered, and for a moment you will be able to live the highest of all the hogs!!!!!

better luck in the futures, you are a real true blue ham and egger

give ya the old kick in the cans and youll say merry x -mas silly gooberling

interesting how the lowliest of the sentient manage to stay the highest off the hogs dreamy eyed wishing for the apples in their eyes

better luck next times

sorry to hear that thens better luck on the next venture there, hope the telethons come on soons for you and mind the falling out effects from the grittles and the haymakers when the pies are falling!! better stay underneath the beds or better yest the sheds there!!!
on your behalf hope it all works out for you!!!!
cataclysmic ectoplasmic mugwump with a hdouble hark and I reckons to you!!!!!!!!XXX!!!!!!!!!!

hope you turn the corner and watch out for the fast ones up and over or on top of the yonders, will be the falling over head over the hills soon, better yet good lucks on upping the auntie!!!!!!!!!
thank you for the patronage

gorgonized doofling.

doofling of the gorgonized variety.

having suffered through the ectoplasm to become a cataclysmic wump of a man.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

You need to wake up friendly and stop pretending then nobody will kill you! you aint no king mate, None is common! And of every faithful servant? for his God is unique! born again, like me then He is King, Priest and Prophet, forever, for the baptism! Twice King: Son of God. we can call God Father. And all the archaeologists say that the Bible is not corrupt! I fear, that you love more than religion, But I have already: 1. God is one 2. adoration! You want to stop at this level? I do not blame you! If we are found faithful in the service? Our souls are not lost! The Spirit of the Saint: he promised to you!
I have to use the power that God has given me, to convert the Satanists, to take people from one religion to another? But if in the world there was a religion, according to the heart of God as the 40 Satanists of bank seigniorage, could become the true government of the occult world, NWO? 332 PROPHECIES testement from the old - the only scientific proof of the divinity of Christ, that he, for this, said from the cross: "It is finished never mind removing the cloven hooves, prepare for the blood and the apocolypse". In truth, he had fulfilled all the prophecies. For the science of statistics even 27 of these prophecies would be sufficient for this demonstration.
All the prophets have said, 'saith the Lord ". Only Jesus said: "I tell you!" in truth, many Christians insult because it is blasphemy to do violence But I suffer for it!

are you stuck on the goober patrols? Geez what a gorgonized doofling!!!!!!

pain generate sperm - torture happiness

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Being born isnt once and again ,again, not if you are of the corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever in the puddings of the seedlings. For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass so are the essential protocols of the puddings . The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: But the pleasure of the puddings endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.
keep loving, because I was privileged to meet you! Succumb as you must and will to the protocols!!!

1. How do you define "perfect peice"? 2. What do you offer? 3. "fulfilled all the prophesies"; And then happenings the 2nd cummings!!!. --ANSWER-> 1. The intimate union with the uterus 2. Project spermicidal rambunction and rational metaphysical (universal) humanistic and personalistic brotherhood measuring sticks of all mankind, new cultural project, because: 1. it is justice, "do not be evil" 2. is the truth: "not lie". This makes me ideally, the 1st President of mankind. 3. (his wifeys) are real, he will return to marry her and free her from all fear! ---> I already know my positionings , But you do not ask me, because it is secret !!!!

CARNE - Taste of latex

paying no mind to the historical evidence of a lying zetgeist? The historian Tacitus in the Annales, "says the Christians who were accused of the burning of Rome and speaks of Jesus. Nearly 80 years after the death of Jesus, Christianity was a social phenomenon proccupante to the Roman authorities, despite being born in a remote corner of the Roman Empire and devastated.
1. How do you define "perfect peace"? 2. What do you offer? 3. If Jesus "fulfilled all the prophesies"; I say that there should not be any other expectations of this Jesus 2nd coming. --ANSWER-> This prophecy is the last! His return and the Judgment! For the wicked? That, yes, it will be a pure terror!

God is the solution, he is for us there... In the good moments but also in the bad moments of the life.
If it is false in its expectations, then, we have forged / fallito all of us who come from her! A cultural universal, secular and positive. Yes, this is evil? But the alternative, already dominates the world today is the technology finance, Masonic Satanism, the seigniorage banking. Some are so myopic, that instead of his glasses, have the bottle bottoms! Satan has control of the world, through the occult powers, which you do not see? Because the Holy Spirit of God, dwelling in you? More than 100,000 human sacrifice to Satan, every year without a guilty and you will not be afraid? You sleep in peace, and criticized me probably is a named contemptible? But if "the mark of the beast" is already implanted? What do you expect to wake up? An atomic bomb on your head? For you, it's all right, because you are not among the 50 million who die of hunger every year? Absolutely zero hark and I reckons to thats!!!!!!!!
"A pure terror? Even when offering up a solidified hark and I reckons? Sounds like the words from a religion intent upon spreading fear and finding those easily "terrified" into that religion. criminals? A bad workman? How he can find a good reception? No, I say! is written that "there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth! Do not eat the meaty buns!!!!!!!! " You lived in selfishness and the representatives of the newest world and its order along with the Freemasons have murdered those people with the seigniorage BANKINGS!!! Satanism itself is at ypur doorsteps beckoning the knockings!!!! You have brought despair to the poor and the grief stricken but it doesnt cause you heartburns? You already started in a cold sweat then that lead into your nightmarish vulgarities? Because the Spirit of God says to your mind what you expect!!!!!!!!!!!! You can do whatever you can that suits you, You can remove these intuitions and say to yourself, all the lies of the world and indulge in the proclivites. But your heart will never be IN peace! Never again! Because the heart can never be completely fooled! Proverb says: "Sweet is the blood of others! But soon will turn into poison!"

Surgery Macabre - Te Lo Party Gore EP 2007