Monday, February 28, 2011

At the apex
of the pyramid

(the High), its numbers limited to six millions

(the Middle) which may be justly likened to (the hands of death).

(the Low), who are habitually referred to as
'the proles', numbering perhaps 85 percent of the population (the body).

The slave populaton of the equatorial lands,
who pass constantly from conqueror to conqueror, are not a permanent or necessary part of the structure.

the smallest deviation of opinion on the most unimportant subject can be tolerated. required to have not only the right opinions, On to the right instincts... He did not need to know that these gods were called Baal, Osiris, Moloch, Ashtaroth, and the like: probably the less he knew about them the better for his orthodoxy.(1) - how to discover, against his will, what another human being is thinking. And the other is:

NWO bureaucrats, scientists, technicians, trade-union organizers, publicity experts, sociologists, teachers, journalists, and professional politicians. These people, whose origins lay in the salaried middle class and the upper grades of the working class, had been shaped and brought together by the barren world of monopoly industry and centralized government.

The Party taught that the Proles were natural inferiors who must be kept in subjection, like animals, by the application of a few simple rules.

(1) - extinquish once and for all the possibility of independent thought, and

(2) - conquer the whole surface of the earth.

(2) - how to kill several hundred million people in a few seconds without giving warning before hand. Jehovah and the commandments of Jehovah: he knew, therefore, that all gods with other names or other attributes were false gods. In somewhat the same way, what constituted right conduct, is far less to-and-fro movement.

[t0043] -(rG13)- -InTeRzOnE rEfLeCtIoN- vidéo par -(rG13)-

In our society, those who have the best knowledge of what is happening are also those who are furthest from seeing the world as is.

Canada judge bans Christmas trees.the Ministry of Love with Torture;
Afghan poppy harvest at record level! EVIL PURVEYORS FEEDING ON MISERY

"Eyes on the screen -- not the road" Watching TV while driving is not safe (gov't pushing broadcasting technology.The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with War;
These contradictions are not accidental.
the Ministry of Truth with Lies; They are a deliberate exercise of doublethink. If the High are to keep their places permanently - then the prevailing mental condition must be controlled insanity. In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion: the more intelligent, the less sane.

. The subtlest practitioners of doublethink are those who invented doublethink and know that it is a vast system of mental cheating
Bush said God said to him Baby hormone stops breast cancer.the Ministry of Plenty with Starvation.

IGNORANCE = FREEDOM LOST 'slavery is freedom' and 'strength is ignorance'). READER WINS ORWELL TODAY AWARD

Brotherhood & .Ministry of Love (Torture) & DRUG WAR & PEACE
Actually, when he came to swallow it, the stuff was distinctly disappointing. The truth was that after years of gin drinking he could barely taste it.

"Yes, there is such a person, and he is alive. Where, I do not know."

- give ones life. "We fight in the dark. We will always be in the dark. We receive orders and we obey them, without knowing why. Later I will send you a book from which you will learn the true strategy by which we shall destroy the society we live in. Full members of the Brotherhood have read the book. But between the general aims that we are fighting for, and the immediate tasks of the moment, one never knows anything.One is not able to betray more than a handful of unimportant people. Wine was a thing he had read and dreamed about.
- commit murder"And the conspiracy - the organization? Is it real? It is not simply an invention of the Thought Police?"At most, when it is absolutely necessary that someone should be silenced, we are occasionally able to smuggle a razor blade into a prisoner's cell. blackberry jam and an immediate intoxicating effect.
- commit acts of sabotage which may cause the death of hundreds of innocent people
- betray one's country to foreign powers.We're sometimes obliged to give a person a new identity. His face, his movements, the shape of his hands, the colour of his hair - even his voice would be different. Our surgeons can alter people beyond recognition. Sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes we even amputate a limb.
- cheat, forge, and blackmail. One takes part in it as handfuls of dust and splinters of bone. It could take a thousand years."this is what we have got to do, unflinchingly..."
- corrupt the minds of children. When he spoke of murder, suicide, venereal disease, amputated limbs, and altered faces, it was with a faint air of persiflage.
- distribute habit-forming drugs
- encourage prostitution
- disseminate venereal diseases.Nothing holds it together except an idea which is indestructible. Perceptible change doesn't happen within one lifetime.
- do anything which is likely to cause demoralization. "This is unavoidable,"

We extend the area little by little generation after generation.

False Sense Of Sanity - False sense of sanity

THE THEORY AND PRACTICE Of OPPOSING SECRET SOCIETIES ("a monolithic & ruthless conspiracy").

Afghan poppy harvest at record level FIELDS & DRUG WAR & WAR BY DRUGS & EVIL PURVEYORS FEEDING ON MISERY (international bankers played a role in the presidents' deaths)a power elite controlling the world + OPEN CONSPIRACY

girls performing oral sex on middle-aged managers Globe sadistic sex (rated ok for 18-year-olds). inmates (to inject illegal heroin). mental condition: controlled insanity =GOVERNMENT DRUG DEFECATORS NEED TOILETS!X!X!!! MEMBER OF BROTHERHOOD? to 20 years in Bali prison .Chinese espionage & spy activities in energy & raw materials sectors .
Physicist helped build first Atomic-bomb , Viagara same as speed, cocaine & ecstasy). Sunday Times, Feb 27, 2005 & UN tobacco control comes into force (WHO cracks down on cigarette smuggling) -alcohol swabs-Vaseline-bandages-a condom & smoking instructions). DRUG WAR & PEACE & EVIL PURVEYORS FEEDING OFF MISERY

Pornography goes wireless for profit , prison needle programs (marijuana smokers become heroin injectors where it's pushed on them in prison).
NEW YORK'S NUMBER IS 666 = 666Security under the skin (barcode built into your arm like a DVD tagged in supermarket). KISSINGER'S NUMBER IS 666floods of heroin on Britain's streets...the consequences of the rise were already evident: cheaper, better quality heroin was arriving in Britain, luring thousands more youngsters into addiction than ever before... Thai's Bangwang Prison executes justice (man-eater, maximum security, death row, thousands of school children addicted).

TRUTH INSIDE NOT "OUT THERE" 1.Pyramidal New World Order & 2.Big Brother

Drugs found on Prime Minister's ship (millions of dollars of cocaine).

'Smart card' for crossing border .Classes of People & CORPORATE COMMUNISM

Sex sells for pop tarts (egged on by braying men, Britney spreads her legs). Go to 25.Prolefeed & 30.Love Instinct

Ground Zero plans unveiled (full of occult symbolism - number '11', domes & pyramids etc)

Bobby Fischer exiled from USA .
Pentagon to track your purchases.

Goldstein Two-Minutes Hate

Inhuman killing of philanthropist's son .
The body of the 11-yr old son of German aristocratic family was found on Monday. Police said the boy was killed on Friday in an "inhuman crime without comparison in their experience." The von Metzler family founded their banking dynasty in 1674 and are renowned in Germany for their philanthropy. They have donated millions to museums, universities, hospices and childrens' charities.

Computer games horrify parents (teens pimping, dealing heroin, killing...)

Snipers are army's invisible killers (their target us usually the commanding officer). COMMUNISM BY ANY OTHER NAME...

Toxic injections for the elite (makes the face expressionless).

Swearing up !
Men in embroidered aprons feedingKissinger's Healthfood equals hate!

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Vulgar Disease - Scattnibler Finale

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French slut pierced hot clit getting creamed accent. Protested the evening they again proles victimized

Politically Correct Anti-Aids celibacy, league Televisions in every room. The programming runs 24 hours a day, Surveillance cameras prevent crime. Helicopters silently watch ,Lotteries , minimum-wage-earning mother-of-four,Lotteries and the lower and middle class,education. ("How can you be against the kids!")
Department of Defense Useless statistics, incorrect economic predictions, and slanted opinions polls = Useless statistics, incorrect economic predictions, and slanted opinions polls + popular way of thinking.History is being rewritten, to conform with modern beliefs. All references to oldthink were being removed or rewritten.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

riddling the metamorphogenetic off from beyond :) to save the bovines

If a large solid-hoofed mammal becomes available to you without compensation, refrain from casting your faculty for seeing into the oral cavity of such a creature.Each vaporous mass suspended in the firmament has an interior decoration of metallic hue.It is not advantageous to place the sum total of your barnyard collections into the same wicker receptacle.The mother of neccesity was a cruel invention? Easy to come then go?A maximum amount of purposeful activity and a minimum amount of disport and dalliance cause Jack to become a dim-witted, stagnant dunce of the male species.Lack of what is required is the matriarch of inspiration. Feathered bipeds of a kindred mind in their segregated environment associate with a high degree of amiability.Jacksoning off in the estrogen housing developments = working for the play :) Deviation from the ordinary or common routine of existence is that which gives zest to man's cycle of existence.The sleeping dog lied. But the fiction was stranger than the truth!He who locks himself into the arms of Morpheus promptly at eventide, and starts the day before it is officially announced by the rising sun, excels in physical fitness, increases his economic assets and celebrates with remarkable efficiency.Allow somnolent quadrupeds that are homo sapien's greatest comrades to remain reclining.Better never than late to the casket than never?Do not traverse a structure erected to afford passage over a waterway until the time of drawing nigh unto it.Superfluous chronological

dispatch institutes riddance of valued effects.There’s no value to be derived from demanding attention by loud screeches over fallen white liquid derived from the lactic glands of a female bovine. An excess of culinary experts impairs the quality of a thin derivative of meat. A body of persons abiding in a domicile of silica combined with metallic oxides should not carelessly project small geological specimens.#'s getting crowded by the 2's?A canine which gives vent to his sentiments by a series of vocal efforts, rarely finds use of his bicuspids.A vessel under optical supervision never reaches the temperature of 212 degrees.A consolidated mass which forms the earth's crust, and which progresses by turning over upon its surface without slipping, does not successfully gather together a cryptogamous plant. Hemoglobin is more viscous than H2O.Perambulate in moccasins, and shoulder a gargantuan wooden rail.
The placement of the termination as precedent of the commencement should never be assessed.Never situate the conveyance and its accouterments forward of the perambulating, ambulatory equine. The apples in my eyes kept the doctor away:(
A chronic disposition to inquiry deprived the domestic feline carnivorous quadruped of its vital quality.An individual who vacillates when there is need of action will find himself beyond the hope of future success.If you dont succeed at first get someone else to do it for you:).
Refrain from enumerating your poultry precursory to their incubation and emergence from their embryonic habitat. Exercise your visual facilities prior to executing a jump.A feathered biped in the terminal part of the arm equals in value a pair of feathered bipeds in densely branched shrubbery.One more than one is a congenial group of invited guests, but one more than two is a multitude.Everything is legitimate in matters pertaining to ardent affection and armed conflict between nations.The herbage is customarily more verduous on the diametrical selvage of the property barrier.

Exercise your visual facilities prior to executing a jump.That which is acquired without difficulty is dispersed with equal facility.A single unit of a seam properly distributed at the correct measure of duration will maintain a square root of 81.
A mobile section of petrified matter agglomerates no bryophytes.the blind wish to see then theyll believe.
Any object that ascends into the stratosphere irrevocably and inevitably descends to terra firma. Taciturnity is aurous.A ferrous alloy rope fashioned of interlocking loops is only as hearty as its least potent section.A red fruit of the Maius family absorbed into the digestive system every 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds, keeps a physician from your presence.Thicker blood than water.Splintered wood and mineral chunks can rupture my skeletal system, but nomenclatures do not injure me.An amorous attraction to a financial medium of exchange is the source of everything sinful.Pulchritude pertains solely to the epidermis.It is more desirable to arrive in the medium of time which constitutes a later than desirable hour or date than not to arrive at all.Immature homo sapiens should be endowed with visibility but not oral facilities.If primary failure is imminent, new attempts should be made repetitiously.