Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pedestrian Deposit-Volatile

Strider - Reverse Engineering EP

Ambassador 21 - A21 Vs The World

- Bastards United - Bastards United

Various Artists - Sex Beats Volume I

Various Artists - Sex Beats Volume II

Kiew - melancholie (382edit) video

Ga toch kapot - Yes! video

DJ Sheize-50 Ways To Kill Me Megamix

AxOx / CxIxDx -split

AxOx-Peniko Pabiruciai

Zombies Eat Brains-Zombies Eat Brains 2



Mafia vs Ninja, Dirty Sanchez, Political Necroshemalebob, Battlefield GorezumTitcore Shitans Split

fuker +971507415916.3gp

Fuker Clip

Dirty Sanchez-Attack of the random size nonsense

Battlefield Gorezum / xROTTEN NOISEx split


Last Days Of S.E.X. - The Radical Pleasure Of Direct Democracy video

ZKAG - video

ANTIHUMAN - Biological Garbage video

v/a-Holland Shit "4 in 1"


the Pussykillers-Sex, Drugs and Floppies

Dirty Sanchez-Happy New Ear

Mafia vs Ninja-Nykstuku Tuku Tuku

Dirty Sanchez / Naughty Excreta / PyzdaGrizas60000

DxSxSx-Kablys su pyzda vietoj pirato

Dirty Sanchez-DEMO

Cripple Slaughter / Supista Ishtrieda Nachuy

Analinis Oratorius-80 ir 1 daina apie ishmatas

Splitknotface-Face Your Feces (1532)

50 Ways To Kill Me // Dirty Sanchez // Zombies Eat Brains split

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

depleted and just due? reports are due, end-of-year money circumspections? Has to be part of the spent, new year budget request are input. Everybody... but everybody... has things they want, new regulations to follow and demanded expectations to meet... in addition to my already overloaded schedule. I can do a better job if I stick it between the hams.

dead fin trolls . Gabriel of Sedona -- he claims his doctrine is delivered by unseen celestial beings . Our intention is to clone Jesus, utilizing techniques pioneered at the Roslin Institute in Scotland. A few years later she clarified that, must likely, this Great Religious Leader was the Antichrist himself.The plan calls for them to suddenly appear at many places on Earth simultaneously.The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System.Shall sit on a majestic throne governing as queen within the dimensional reality to which you refer as the realm of faerie."

Crime Scene Investigation and Culinary Arts.It smells like FREEDOM!
man believed in everything , could have passed a polygraph , certainty in his eyes , landing gear mad everything safe in case of exits? that made me sad for him. I liked this kid. but will not be surprised if one day he is on a clock tower with a sniper rifle.

"you sounded like you were being strangled," in front of “don’t they love enough to tell them the truth?” I don’t believe. It's a somebody who loves them. I was blessed and I think I am going to go very tactfully and squash that notion immediately. I always thought that maybe some of these sad-sacks were actors that were paid to add that element.

Contagious Orgasm - Illegal Occupation Of Ears

MSBR & Spykes & Government Alpha - Tano Forever

Enema Bath - Anus With No Plug

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - vulva juice consumption

Exquisite Shemale - Shemale Is Better Than Female

Omphalectoicxanthopsia - Vulstaxis Esthymaesio Glotto-bondage In Fishnets & Orgasmic Pony-play Butt Plug Palpitations+ Unfinished demo

Noise Porn - Holograms starring Corinne Stevie, Ze! & KJ video

Noise Porn - Noise Porn starring Koohl Cardi, Ben Carson & Corinne Stevie video

Crustacea Zoëa Larvae - "Scud" tape/also released as split with Eye Gouging Mayhem

Cumdivision Spermany & Exquisite Shemale - split


Tuesday, September 28, 2010