Friday, September 23, 2011

Indian Burial Ground - Shit

Now that the Broaqdcast is FINALLY released, I finally get to do the vol...

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SuspIrioN - Sunfaceshine

01. Open Door
02. Play
03. I Don't Have Any Children
04. Bashat
05. Looking At The Shores
06. One Day
07. In Consistory Of Memory

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Alcholic Cindy - Acholtron

01. intro
02. set 0
03. the line is already fucking blurd
04. interlude
05. wgtfp
06. potpalloooksdlo
07. we must drink
08. iz cover
09. interlude
10. old skool
11. darkside of the moon
12. interlude skin
13. afterlude
14. notimefor
15. drunk
16. freestyle beat
17. safe place
18. niap
19. oow how we love our government (we are lame but you suck)
20. liberatian wing
21. ladytron cover
22. storm
23. n.g.a.

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Interlard - Brown

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Pain Generate Sperm - Four Degenerates Between Christian And Jew At Prayer

Zilbread - Buddha In Purgatory

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Η Μάχη της Eternity συνεχίζεται! Μην χάσετε Όλοι Hope

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Derp (District Entrance Residence Production) for interactive havoc and ...

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fuck Your Life - The End of all Life

FLESH COFFIN - Number Three

we have given ... but they like dogs did not bark for the violation of absolute freedom and for the hundreds of i sovereign occult powers: are in control of history of people !!!@#$%^*(*&^%$#@!!!!

The essence of Indian movies

Schweinedickbäuchig Peterson, der mit dem Schrott tanzt. Übrigens: ESSEN...

Fuck God And Fuck You - Ep

Astral Vomit - Dark Nature Part 2


[720x480]Fred'n'/fettuc/ van staalken sen54654d$ cacophony througsskdmoe...

Die Geburt von Hans Rosenthal

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Bored To Death - White German Strength

01. German Intro
02. Murder = Post-Abortion
03. Hurple Perman Gaze 1
04. Hurple Perman Gaze 2
05. Hurple Perman Gaze 3
06. Hurple Perman Gaze 4
07. Hurple Perman Gaze 5
08. Erection Airlines Pt. 1
09. Erection Airlines Pt. 2
10. Hurple Perman Gaze 6
11. German Outro

Noise Nazi vs. Fbrz - No Title Split

01. Noise Nazi - Social Automation Technology
02. Fbrz - Nothing

The incredible bollock yobs with kakke disease in the bloody hell spelun...

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Fbrz + Astral Vomit - Split

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My Anus Burns & Pollux - Split

exorcism: : these demons can not stand the Consecration to St. Michael the Archangel: demon of the full moon devil who is crazy = loss of consciousness, short-term "Drink your poisons made by yourself "your life? Is not yours! ♰: 1. Justice and Truth, 2. equality and fraternity, 3. service and lustfullness! Stopping Violence, Stop: banking seigniorage; stop masonry. Stop: enlightened, etc.: In Addition to: all the misfortunes, and all the oppressions, That have Been, Already decreed, Against all universal

enemies! They will not stop: and all this will be again: : will be until, unius Rei: Will not Be Recognized: by Governments: throughout the world. The Illuminati will be again and always: comforted by the fact, That have Contributed: so generously: at the problem: of overpopulation: why:we understand that guys are too worried about this.

Der Kot des Loriot, der jetzt ist tot

Toilet Generationen - I Sent A Letterbomb To Peta

【SHEDINJA GAYDEN 】Just Evading Lost Lemons Ironically Capitalizing Eerie...

You're HEER PIJLSTAARTROG and her Six hundred sixty and six clocks away ...

Alfred stalkersburg uninstall the Fecal espionage using the telephone ; ...

D.E.A.D.B.I.R.D is not a CDI request since 2012 , From the warden's tea ...

I decided to shake, all the kingdoms incorporated together as on under the cloven hoofed mark of Satan, and in curcumferance to the depths, filling the critical filaments of the brain , yet unmarried to the disease. In the Meadow so sweet, a nervous breakdown and crainial gland disorder i had the devil's head and the nerves can not stand the prayers!X!X!@!@!@#$#@! Deliver us from evil demon of the hats and begin

fingering the demon, the demon of the mind .................)............................---------------->>>>

AND IS Marked as
the most remote of the abyss

Porn 24/7 - Dung For You

NRYY - Noise Re Yacky

AFTER THE TRADE MAH FILM ,stocKing Harkinian derps the intestinal disast...

Kukori discovered that volley is a sport, meanwhile ,Lady gaga plays ba...

IN TRANCE ,I never got a severals fucking gnomes , I fall asleep while a...

demon of fever that you do not know the cause = dining for lunch ,devil's meat
[Do not let the bears in the Rosary]] demon of the kidney demon of bending the knee) demon of insomnia demon of allergies demon of failure, especially economic and testicular demon of the cerebellum demon hepatitis demon of Suicide = devil who does not study ovarian cyst (the calf demon) and the obsessions of the devil!X!!@#$#@!@##@!!

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01. It Will Happen Soon Enough
02. Psychosexual Fag Brain
03. Shock Therapy Treatment Dance Center
04. Raped By My Expiriments
05. Paranoise

Dumbarooski from The Melancholy of the warden needs to make rainbow Emo...

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