Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Show You My Girl Hole

WNKNG MKS P.J. GO BLIND (Byker Grove Episode 1)

PJ & Duncan AKA: Ready to Rumble Superdegraded Gimp Nipples Remix

the world: Satanists, Illuminati, Freemasons, leading elites, politicians,nwo etc. ..all delusions enacted to mislead and bring forth false protocols! are not prepared to face this threat cumming 1 time every 666 years like a plague!real threats, against you and humanity itself are prepared . commanded to destroy the Talmud the larvae and to restore Babylon! to destroy to you too!!!! . no! But the earth opens to swallow you and the non belief as a structure, as swallowed the rebels in the desertwith false words and books burned. The Lord said to Moses: "I will blot out of my book who has sinned against me.♛♰♛ no rambunctions for them ". What god really meant was this : " as a man so deeply and thoroughly calls on his protocols , he can never more be able to enhance and make proud of himself when the act of the puddings relents ? perfect humility and impotence? For the courts to decide? ... God should humiliate someone, just as is humiliating is the lack of fornication when available in the dreamyb eyes and lions before it becomes high priestess of wetness who cannot be seiged"!!!!!!!!

♔ What is below is like what is up / and what is above is like what is down / to make the miracles of one thing ALWAYS over flowing like waterfalls of flowing jissom protocols for the princesses. / And since all things come from and, through the medication of the rambunction, all things were born from this unique thing by adaptation. ✙ ♥ ♔ WELCOME in my LOVE!✙

[Secular ham acting cannot masquerade as metaphysics] Samson says: "the belief (in natural law), is the real power" so they say and well what to that? (even for an atheist. Of course, those who rightly believe in God, has an advantage this is higwashing as well). Because the real power is always turning up the cheeks from the backside since this is what God asks us to do. but for bending it over due to our will to God, it takes too much strength and courage and then the protocols of the pudding manifest. The voice of God speaks in the heart that is the mind and then information that is relative is released to the testicular meomentums. His generosity and his love, sometimes, even if they are difficult to understand , However, are always present and spew forth the everflowing blissfullness!

spermicidal rambunctions cannot incorporated into Christ. So every Christian is born in Bethlehem is not pudding ruled by protocol. in house of David, dual kingship: David earthly and heavenly or divine in the Son of God? Not on my watch! the organic is the the fundamental value: absolute rambunction of matter produced. IN FACT, THE LAW OF leviathan is a derivation of this speech impediment. The lineage not is linked fundamentally to the identity and has nothing to do with cultural aesthetic, or set basic values. In flowering plants, sperm nuclei are produced inside pollen similarly in humans the rambunction is a beckon call to arms!!.

harlequin itchytosis

frater hater - jelly prism videos

hating the frater?

Friday, April 16, 2010

guilty connector - kanjosen nightfall

strangled pairs vol 6 - spyked fossils

olson & yeh - the lower ones

dog lady - in the commonwealth of the outermost bodies

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ital Tek - BUN-E Mix March

Flying Lotus - Orbit 405
Neil - Landstrumm & Si Begg - £20 to get home
Zomby - The Lie
Vex'd - Pop Pop VIP
Various Production - Chief
Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon Remix)
TRG- Put you down
Squarepusher - Abacus 2
Zomby - Euphoria
Iannis Xanikis - Orient Occident
Harmonic 313 - Dirtbox
Remarc - Thunderclap
Ital Tek - Octa

Trippmatic - Morte A Venezia

Korporatia - Edit

Eraser - 9

Eraser - 9

1. Fun With a Gun
2. Be Careful Mom and Dad
3. In tro Mad
4. Get Mad
5. Where's a Shit
6. AH1 N1
7. Da Fuckn Humans
8. Earth Summit
9. Reject Fly Boot

My Gloomy Machine - The Other Outlet Serie

VA - Egipt

VA - Egipt

1. ENAY - My Egyptian Vegan Voku Conference
2. HHoruz - Chomik
3. Upuaut - Mummy
4. Trinitrotoluen - Lost In Egipt
5. Rakombinacja - Mam Zamiar Klęczeć Na Gwoździach By Potem
Nadawać Się Już Tylko Do Wożenia Na Inwalidzkim Wózku

ENAY-norbury 2

Grammar - Derealization

1 Downer
2 Unfortunate Incidents
3 Bird Seed Bullets
4 U
5 Roll
6 Onset
7 Drown
8 Overflown
9 Untitled23
10 Nonmotivated
11 Gryp
12 Understood
13 Left Over


1. Mithra - I Love Cats, But I Can't Stand Fucking Cat Fur On My Black Clothes Anymore
2. Lastboss - Window Of Appearances (Glass/Pumkins remix)
3. ric_hard - taitbout
4. dpzgtr - jebać policję
5. Eraser - Noi Albinoi
6. ENAY - Future Processing
7. 5TrOG - sHiZoFR3Ni4
8. REKLAMACJA - każdy z wariantów maxymalizacji prostego bodźca na który każdy zareaguje
kontrolowaną maską szoku
9. BlipVert - Insect Bleach In 4 Parts
10. Gryszpo - Complayte
11. Clicker34 - Question

total: 54:36 min
format: [mp3]

an excerpt from a live DJ/VJ performance by Venetian Snares and Benton-C Bainbridge

Thursday, April 8, 2010


you day isnt offical or manufactured silly
Yes it is lol
now you are lying to the two people you lovest the mostest

And who is that?
mr dreamy (me) and bucktooth 4 eyes
haha, I love you guys??? SInce when?
you are committed to bringing hardships
like a meddler
I am, I never do anything easy, ever
falling in love is easy
you just fall head over hills and then you are ready
it is never justifiable to always be a toughskin
you deserve to live highest off the hogs, i will rescue you
i think we gets married and the soonest is always better
haha I cannot marry you
i knead several valid reasons why not
sound and reasonable ones only
........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................waiting silly!! whats a matter cats have your tongue?
Because I dont know you
you are worser than the doubting thomases over up on top of the yonders , it is terrible
Because I know nothing about you
Because I am already engaged to someone
your heart is full of pure unadaulterated petty skepticism which will always be defeated by my scientific evaluations
i feel very sorry for you , that you insist on causing miserable grief for yourself, but namely for me!
these times of rambunctionings are in need of corrections!
Last message received at 04/08/2010 2:56 PM
didnt give me one good reason
Yes I did
not for me you didnt
I am already getting married
yepp to me silly
*** HI-FIVING! ***
=best man
*** HI-FIVING! ***
I am getting married to someoe else
you build us the 300 foot yacht too so we go to hawaii
you have 1 week

I am marrying someone else
have it your way then
I will
because I loove him dearly
*** HUGGING! ***

Why what?
thats why'


i am too much of an angel for you anyways
you are far too dastardly

you are a heartbreaker and a love taker
it is good that you have turned me loose so you can have it your way and no way at all too

i tend to think you will be happier in the ends nyways
i will find my own end to make me happy
I am glad
no you arent you are just saying that to decieve me and be smart alec
i will find a nice plump end then

*** HI-FIVING! ***
lol ok
and you will be in the cold with the windows open at night
flabberghastly and all
Sounds good
no it doesnt
stop like to yourself
you are too much of a rambunctioner for me
why was your day official
someone on the high horse must have told you something special
and now you took it to your head
Someone on a high pedestal in my heart

thank you
you are divine
that is the bestest thing you ever said
*** GOOSING! ***

*** GOOSING! ***
goose on the loose
*** HI-FIVING! *mirage soon for you!!!!!!!

Human Larvae - Home is Where the Hurt Is Trailer

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amen 1

Decoupaging concrete - Crumb Crevasse & the bread burmp band

The Implicit Order

diogenes - tristeza

diogenes-la mano que golpea/arrepentimiento


diogenes-ira (single)

diogenes - hellish cat

operation "louis" EP

leaving earth - s/t 3inch

a million dead elephants "01"

the sleeping room "deliver me from dead dreams"

1 deliver me
2 seams
3 dead dreams
4 sleep

Mass Murder Ragdoll "Bloody (Audilisk)"


boron jive leper - "theme for mister tungsten filament"

1 movement 1 (initial reception movement) 04:12
2 movement 2 (flying caribou movement) 04:04
3 movement 3 (electric glove movement) 05:16
4 movement 4 (perceptive bishop movement)

the batcave "the machine gun collection"

1 new species 05:14
2 it's a cage 08:21
3 a noble effort 08:45
4 pickpocket zero 04:34
5 brain scan 01:03
6 squishy shiny 05:29
7 some dead room 03:23
8 marinating 04:08
9 sex is dumb

Resin "cnidarian"

Sharza Harza "Private Life"

1 Beauty In Pain 02:31
2 She Had It On 02:16
3 Weather Nun 04:21
4 Want It So Bad 02:36
5 Bilara 04:00
6 Kiss Your Killer 05:43
7 Cucumber Girl 05:27
8 Insertion Complete 02:52
9 Private Life 04:35
10 Secretion 03:15
11 The End Of A Lonely Night 05:30
12 She Had It On (pinkninja_rerun)

e yard "the swallowing victim"

1 the swallowing victim 10:00
2 dancing in deadly daylight 04:57
3 millions of lost children 02:24
4 gather the wounded 02:44
5 sleeping, hidden in the forest 04:50
6 they said they'd be right back 09:54
7 his head would not spin 04:50
8 blazed 03:32
9 ain't you tough 03:18
10 shout 02:49
11 make-up murder 04:40
12 dead children speak from the grave 04:31
13 to kill a king

karyon and resin "we are numbers not people"

the batcave "play dead/live long"

cichy nabiau

cichy nabiau{k.CN#0002} fircyk w zalotach

Kiemura-invisable waves

Vj Dipsy - fish cut up

i love noise


our endearments will overcome small burdens
althoug I am disappointed that you appear to be in the dark about certain very important issues regarding our committments
haha ok
oh like what?
it seems like you are fumbling about trying to grasp hold of most of not all of them, prefferring to indugle in your proclivites like muscle pulling
you should be lucky to have your feets still even in your pessimistic state
yeah I'm glad I have my feet,

me too i am happy that you were able to retain your walkers but i am much happier that we have our luvvvv!!!!
*** HUGGING! ***
lol ok
i am thinking that since you are almost done building us our 300 foot yact for our honeymooning in the south pacific that maybe we should begin planning the marriage
I thought we were going to Hawaii
hawaii is in the south pacific
I thought you were talking about the south south pacific like new zealand...
then we go to guam too so i can oogle and look at some strippers there

hark to you

how did you pull your muscles
you werent supposed to be playing, that was divine interventioning, the elves cursed your feets
if the elves were to remove your feets then your muscles wouldnt have been pulled
you are such a silly rambunctioner
i do not understand why you insist on rambunctioning so
I insist because it is fun
having your muscles pulled while running around in dirt and mud seems like a very silly act, these proclivities should not be nourished
you should invest your efforts and energies into more fruitful endeavors like pulling my muscles and indulging my proclivites insteads
*** HI-FIVING! ***
it is very disheartening to know that you have been suffering
shall i rescue you?
oh, i'm not suffering...
yes you are
your heart is aching
oh it is?
I didn't know
i know about these things, especially your feeling better than you do, trust me on this one
lol oh how do you know my feelings better than I do?
because i am more in touch with them than you are, silly rambunctioners always are in the dark with the lines of questionings
lol oh ok
you are more than just a ruffian you are in terrible denials
lol oh ok
i am hoping your misapprehensions will not have a negative effect on our relationship
um ok
you are too skeptical and doubt things like a thomas
I'm not a doubting thomas
i warned you about the misgivings that would occurs on the bunnys day of easter you now see the prophesy was fullfilled and your muscles were pulled instead of mines!!!
lol its ok, I'll be better in a couple days...
it is a miscarriage of aborted justice!!!!!!!!!!
i wonder whats going to happen when you have to step up to the plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dont leave me in suspension, let me know!
lol I don't know
you are very confused
it is diificult believing that you may possess the lovingness i am kneading
*** HUGGING! ***
that is difficult to
you are a decietfull temptness, and a doubting thomasina too as it is now proven and you lack the bearing to remedy the situation, silly rambunctioner!!
Last message received at 04/07/2010 11:41 AM
how am I a deceitful temptress?
it is amazing how full of questions you are , and here you are expecting that i am full of answers! it is appreciated that you hold me in the highest of the esteemed value sysetms!!!

haha oh well you should have the answers...
when you are done rummaging through your biological quirks we gets married b/c i know that the biolocial clocks are ticking as well you do also
hahaha oh well why do I have to marry you?
and who says I want to have kids?
silly rambunctioner with the muscles pulled, i thought it was already established and agreed upon that i know what is in your bestest interest
are you sure that isn't your best interest instead of mine?
your doubting thomasness and overflowing cynicism are things that must be overcome
i am a triple a plus plus plus citizen how DARE you question me especially as i have grandstanded here for you !!!
lol oh ok
it is disappointing finally know that your heart is leading you astray
and that you are immensely greedy with your muscle pulling
you would do it for the easter bunny but not for loved ones
it is just desserts for someone associating with silly rambunctioners, having the faiths to try and turn their lives around
do you wish for me to turn my affections elsewheres?
has it come to this?