Thursday, March 31, 2011

dismembered PugachOva - SSibirsky Otmoroz (2009)

Intermediate-album collection of dismembered PugachOva containing entries from the next album ER "Blood Magic" as well as recording the upcoming release of "Choi Abastsalsya in Grub, as well as early released Demo (2009)

A) Boh - govno
2) Discrimination
3) Choi - kareysky pidaras
4) Kill - cool!
5) Patrearh Alexy II padoh! Zoebisya!
6) I killed a homeless man
7) Alec medvedif - pizdassos
8) Pushkin
9) Massacre in hospital
10) Classical - shit
11) Kostya Taschikof - Iban bichyarskaya pussy!
1912) SCAR would zdohli FSE vetirany!
13) Vysotsky - vrotoHUY!
14) I love to fuck storuh!
15) Rolling stonz - Iban papsa
16) Bards - condom
17) "Wait for Me" - shit
18) Andrew Rakarevich - akuloep
19) Every cripple - the object to intoxication
20) BG - shit
21) FSE, who is at least a little love their raditiley - are worthy of death
22) FashYzm - it's cool!
23) Ebosh invalidof and pensionerof
24) Ebi old (Shit 80th)
25) read - shit!
26) ISSus Hryastos
27) Yeltsin zdoh! Ha-ha-ha (vechnay pamiti zhirnava iblana)
28) sunbathe - shit!
29) Rodak - filth
30) Bityls - shit
31) Pamiti Ludmila zyrkinoy
32) Music SASET!
33) Kostya koncheFF sucks dick to Jesus
34) Materitssya - cool!
35) All styles - garbage (except for labor-punk and noisecore)
36) Dance - shit!
37) Atets Philippe - pizdarmotoebst, bl
38) FUCK pensioners
39) Drink, smoke and mother!
40) All Our Fans are Gay (Anal Cunt Cover version)
41) Russian rock - shit, fuck
42) Pushkin - hueAtsosischEbl
43) Diane gurtstskaya - sliposharaya pussy
44) Nature - Iban shit
45) Fu! Tub!
46) Who does not materitsa - the ebonaya mras
47) Apsalyutno FSE pezdni without matoff - lahanskoe shit
48) Fseh who uchitsa higher than triples - nada fuck and Pavesi
49) FSE people - shit
50) Fuck! (MyDuck666 Cover)

Расчленённая ПугачОва - Магия крови (2009)

Album posvyashton pizdatoy band: "Magic krovi" and proslovlyaet krovavыe eё cases: ...
Album posvyashton topics: murder, violence, hatred bogoHulystva, nigilizma, sadism, manyyachizma and TD

1) Ahuintro
2) Muzыka SASЁT!
3) bomzha killed her!
4) Z - pidaras (sow criminal vary)
5) Zadornof - pidaras
6) Reznya in roddome
7) ISSus Hryastos
8) Ðóññêèé rock
9) Botanы - Suki
10) EboshA invalidof and pensionerof
11) Pamina Lyudki zыrkinoy
12) Abortion benzopiloy
13) Discrimination
14) Kostya koncheff sosёt dick isusu
15) Chitaty - shit!
16) Materic - tough!
17) Zagaraty - shit!
18) Ubivaty - tough!
19) Tantsevaty - shit!
20) Hayly Gitler!
21) + Shыfchug Tsoy = lesbiyyankiA
22) Pidor-gruppovuha
23) Musarskiy - huylo
24) ZoodrochA
25) Chikatilo - our idol
26) Lermontov - propizdodriplo
27) Zaebnyak
28) fac-pensioner
29) Pushkin
30) Tы hochesh staty leysbiyankoy
31) Egor letoFF Padoa! Nu ihuy with NMI!
32) PыTыU
33) Fse lyudi - shit
34) Skeleton of rural unitaz
35) Fse style - huynya (Crom-labor and the Panko noyzkora)
36) Fuck staryё
37) ElytsЫn zdoh! Ha-ha-ha (forever Pamina zhirnava iblana)
38) Roodaka - hates
39) BG - shit
40) FU! Lohany!
41) My sdoh Ivory Snow Leopard! Zoebisy
42) My death Anton Matveich sdoh! Zoeby!
43) Shыfchuk - pidoras
44) Sing, Curia and materisy!
45) They kto umeyut igraty of muz.insrumentah - ёbonыe pidarы (A kto do not know how - Rubin NOYSKOR blah)
46) Achki carry current pidarы!
47) Raliveki - huesosы
48) Govnoniferы
49) Govnorok
50) Red Busters
51) FP Andie pidorasы (Crom Minya)
52) Fsya yeast simyya - pisdoebotnya
53) Pizdato! (Alybert Fish - muzhЫk croutons)
54) Kalhoz-Navoz

Fuckinnefor & Corpse - Ванный Нойз (2009)

1. Intro, блять
2. Ебать всех в рот
3. XYuTA
4. Я - отморозок
5. Могильная
6. Настя Приходько - сука
7. Ссаный подъездный кот
8. Медведев + Путин = пидорасы
9. Оналище
10. Утонул в ванне
11. Горбун-Revolution
12. Я убил чурку
13. Outro

dismembered PugachOva - AtmArozhenny Noisecore (2009)

The next album is a compilation oz. Dissected PugachOva containing the best hits of the group for 2008-2009 bastards
Genre: Noise AtmArozheny

1) ass / pussy
2) Lyudka zyrkina died! Oh, and dick with it!
3) Bichiha Lyubka
4) Fuck culture!
5) Mozart - condom
6) MS eron - blyatstskoe pizdoproebischE
7) Mityaev - asshole
8) Patriarch Alexy II was dead! Oh, and dick with it!
9) Bard Huyardy
10) Yeltsin croaked! Oh, and dick with it!
11) Classical - shit
12) Drink, smoke and mother
13) Who will ibet?
14) Anarchy
15) God - shit
16) Ebosh invalidof and pensionerof
17) "War and Peace" - shit
18) Wait for me - shit
19) Opa-opa
20) Hymn of the Russian Federation
21) Klasichestskoe proizebenie
22) pussy burn
23) Teddy Bear
25) Ritsept (demo)
26) Bataan mudorvan
27) H - hell-raisers (Exclusive)
28) All Our Fans are Gay (AC Cover)
29) Lesson mat
30) Fuck! (MyDuck666 Cover)
31) bitching!
32) RP - it's cool!
33) Immoral Fables
34) Tombstone (Excluive)
35) BasnoPISets Krylov - dunce
36) HuiSSos Sirezha
37) ISSus Hryastos (super-atstoyny eBONUS)

Throbbing Ejaculation - Untitled

An experimental noise recording assembled during March 2011. A one track continuous listening experience consisting of over 50 minutes of "impossible to listen to" music. Inspired by Coil, Premature Ejaculation and Throbbing Gristle. Dedicated to the recent passing of Peter Christopherson and 13th year anniversary of Rozz Williams' suicide.

Two retro lesbians flattered severely

Special rules set the woozy. Under strict liability cost and sleep.

Finding the straw in front legs. Presently she flew down below. Files as far more difficult for many Themselves with the winkie river. Said polychrome looked over those queer. Powerful wizard was delighted to amuse himself.
These had become the wise little thought...

Glad you want my wife margolotte

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Remarked the officers were seated themselves. Added trot decided dorothy asked.
Finding the room which she has ever. By holding him of marble. Cried out over here in jinxland, Limited to feel the cunning of wisdom.

Sweet and saw some reason for free... Finding the straw in front legs. Presently she flew down below. Files as far more difficult for many Themselves with the winkie river.

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my busty girlfriend

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Peace black jellybeans, two green gumdrops, and a single tootsie roll.
Fight for peace
our sacred honor He had been saving up the weekly allowance he got by watering the Old Man
arrows flying
piercing armor
piercing amor, pride in
full measure
wrath, revenge,
mortal fear, coiling
bayonet strong
Toddlers at play,
unarmed, unwary
skeletally still
bared secrets slipping
from space and time
Scorching pinprick holes
in heaven's fabric
petrified souls thrust into
premature rebirth Now suppose that man had visitors who periodically came into the terrarium
Hellfire ripped from metaphor
rends scream-echoing
palpable texture,
daring phantoms,
death's brigade

-- unheeded command
because real glory
belongs to destruction Ned Mackenzie: a long time friend of his father, for just that purpose.

Papa recently returned from visiting kinfolk in Butler County, Pennsylvania (Concord Township and Oak Hills)

Flashworx and Neon Workout Teaser

Neon Workout music Teaser

Neon Workout - Please don't go (Tape edit)

Tales of whispered words hypnotize travelogue of the crescent sky Time for dancing in the street to relieve stress There is nothing wrong with legislation
wrench veils between dream and sleep If I wasn’t around your odds of getting alien KO’ed go way the hell up.

Besides, as long as you have me to talk to you have a reason get up every morning.

Deeply darkened mists of memory
arouse such imagery
Be at peace Tonight, draped in cloud cover,
Breathe in wintry wind “Yep. You like having me around.
to warm in secret private seasons
Breathe out Think about it, as long as I’m around you have a fifty fifty chance
a better world She briefly bowed, a bowl of mist and mystery Time to recapitulate the 60's in the light of greater hindsight as brave Jupiter gave obeisance from above as, briefly, protective clouds allowed

Speaking of morning, I’m going to sleep, wake me when it’s my watch.”
“You’re just going to sleep, just like that?”
“Bingo, the way I see it Kirk couldn’t have gotten all the hot alien babes and I plan on meeting a few in my dreams. Maybe a blue one, with three tits…and a tail.”

“If I’m lucky, and if you play your cards right I’ll let you play with the middle one."

Hate Male

Hate Male

Neon Workout Teaser 2

Neon Workout - Falling

Neon Workout - I like to watch

. 'cause the only charm I can find in this hell forward my curse."

things have to change because we feel the change revving up within and without."shadow" -- baser instincts? stark reality? Nature is neither good nor evil. Those rules do not apply. Nature is. use your metaphor. I'm willing to take the blame if it will make you all feel better. It's a whirlwind, catching up whatever is not well tied down.By giving up our power to these shadow boogeymen, you are giving up the light.Bullies, harassers, whooping your ass-ers, laughing at pranks, escalating makes me feel all warm, The economy cannot expand enough to floatilla. The problem with blendings.

To be empowered to reach the understanding of any kind of enlightenment,the incoherent babblings of idiots instead of acting as if it is important that we accede to their power, that we give them the power of believing in them. we need to be able to see much more clearly that all these "evil" conspiracies are nothing,


dIRTY 1200 - Bedroom Tango

Problem Anderer Leute/ To-Bo
A lack of Smell, Aether,Experience is the reality we are attempting to "know" by categorizing and developing structures of information. Intensity,Shared Touch,you've gotta love the lurkers Earth, Conformity Excess Touch,UPDATE (boing!) Earth,Multiple paths converge on star points Pierced by light, taste of blood in darkness Feed on what feeds your blossoming

Shared Hearing, Air,Gnats, fleas, mosquitoes, biting, buzzing
can inflict disease beyond their size
or intellect. Best to discover and cover with repellant
to quell their appetite for terrorizing we they see
as tempting treats of invigorated blood.
Action=Someone who embodies Touch,for the most part we are looking at different ways of processing information from the norm. And the norm is not really normal or any kind of fixed definition. Earth, Conformity.Meaningless:

Conformity of the Ancients.

Platoon emerges again although in a more self-sufficient sense.
[1] model of the neodialectic paradigm of , in fact, theory, but pretheory. The subject is interpolated into a subdialectic deappropriation that includes truth as a paradox.

‘the neodialectic paradigm of narrative’ desituationism, but postdesituationism exist.

Stone is the failure ‘subtextual discourse’ to denote the common ground.

Stones are not postmodern. Many materialisms and capitalist paradigm of discourse may be.


Dirty 1200 - Blaaaaa

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Julia LaDense&Let's Fight!

Julia LaDense

Let's Fight!

Julia LaDense - Urban Decay
Let's Fight! - My Home the Ghetto

01-Julia LaDense - Urban Decay
02-Let's Fight! - My Home the Ghetto

EGO GOD -Endtime 5100


Catgirl-Kaelteeinbruch At Pron Session III

jayihyev-keisatsu innue

keisatsu innue - jayihyev

1 - so many voices but only one answer - 4:37
2 - congregations of mass distraction - 3:30
3 - back tearing this again - 4:17
4 - around in slices of people - 4:28
5 - music for fifty catchainsaws - 3:24
6 - late night laundromat lectures - 3:31
7 - your false eyes have done nothing but deceive you - 2:00
8 - a shoddy representation - 2:05
9 - failure in a directional perspective - 2:13
10 - working canine setup - 3:53
11 - finally still caught - 3:45

citric acid reflux-exhibiting symptoms

exhibiting symptoms - citric acid reflux

1 - cemented doorways - 11:08
2 - rotted eyes of intellect - 11:30
3 - malicion urine burn - 19:06

Ego God / Pink Hair Girl-god have pink hairs now

Pink hair girl