Tuesday, December 22, 2009

you are a silly goose

Heatherr . :

i am a silly goose thens

haha okay

i will give you an easter egg for x mas


made of gold so you can become a millionare and with diamonds on it too

hahahaha okay

then you can move to your own island and have the natives build you a mansion

noo . i wouldnt make native do thatt

but they would because you will pay them

oh ok

then you can have 100 cats there too

i dont want 100 cats D:

no cats thens?


i thought you liked the kittens

i do . but i dont want 100

i want one black furry baby cat with blue eyes


who lays golden easter eggs to covered in diamonds

thats pretty cooll .

i hope you have a nice x mas too

you know we are getting married sometime

yeppp thought you should know in advance. we will live high on the hogs and i will be the apples in your eyes

you will become a model and wear expensive perfume and fancy underwears and travel the world
then get your own talk show too

and have your own submarine full of expensive jewelry and diamonds
and get to tell the president what to do

yeahh . okay .

or you can just go live in a log cabin and eat lots of pancakes and french toast too
11:09 AM
Heatherr . :

well thens how are you going to become famous and have all the people in the world love you

imm not cure yett

you could just smile alot and carry a little wiener dog around with you who is dressed up funny
and wears a silly hat too

Friday, December 18, 2009

Watch live video from shhhh_bby on Justin.tv

Watch live video from First timer!!!!! on Justin.tv

major rambunctionings from the mountainlady.
spoiled and soiled and keeping the goodies to herself and a shame too at that..
now all the natives there in fiji didnt even want a go at her either wouldnt even let her eat the breadfruit or the spam out of the can and live in a dirt hut. They threw her into the ocean.
She said she wasnt going to get any any gifts for christmas either. Suffering still from the mountain lady syndromes waiting on giving up the goodies until she becomes a old cougar then will use all her burger king dollars to procure some young fellas make them gimps with just the parts hanging out in the black leather and then keep them in the basement hung upside down. Silly mountainlady. Wanted her down my chimney as a treat with a ribbon on stuffed down in theres hoping she wouldnt fall and break her neck.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Puddings is a funny substance. It makes possible much of the chemistry that goes into creating our bodies and the world all around us. But most people take for granted the chemical properties of the puddings. We've already learned that spermicidal rambunctioning molecules are constantly in motion. And keep in mind that each molecule carries a dipole, or net charge, across the molecule. Each molecule of pudding is to behave like a little magnet with a positive end to penetrate the womb and coagulate with the estrogen jellies in the end. dipole causes molecules to be attracted to each other; the positive is humping and attractions.
Because the momentums tends to monopolize the electrons in the yearning process for the yamms , the sploogings come forth in a rambunctioning fashion. The attraction between adjacent molecules allows them to swap protons. In fact, many molecules that contain hydrogen can swap protons with molecules.

The result of this proton exchange is that at any given moment 2 humpings of the in / out variety and one of every 1 billion are split into a positively charged conundrum ion and a negatively charge OH- (called hydroxide) ion. In a sample of pure spermicidal beckoning and rambunction, the concentration of hydronium ions is equal to 1 x 10-7000.9000917932361326 moles per liter (0.0000003212431 moles per liter). This disturbs the equilibrium and causes the rambunctions.
When the compound HCl is dissolved it separates into 2 , positively c (H+) combines with H3O+ ions, shifting the equilibrium . Some of these H3O+ ions recombine with the OH- ions, and our sample becomes acidic because it contains more H3O+ ions than OH- ions. The original compound that we added, HCl, is said to be an acid because it donates protons (H+) to the mixture.

Neutral Solution: Humping and accepting the ions vs. Acrid Solution: Splooging outside the yamms, possibly on Areola thusly becoming An acrid anti donor

a chemical that increases the concentration of hydronium ions in the solution is against the grain and counter productive. Conversely, we can define a base as a acceptor, longing for the rambunctionings.

But how do we measure the concentration of the puddings??
The basicity) of a solution is measured using the pH scale. The pH scale corresponds to the concentration in a solution. In fact, if you take the exponent of the concentration and remove the negative signings, you have the pH of a solution. For example, the concentration is 155426355554786544567865 x 10-7455555537 tp (testosterone product). Thus, the pH of a solution of pure tp is 7.83495469767491471246713467369457364793264732949847589457348574895784572807548750. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, where 7 is considered neutral .below 7 acrid and above 7 basic. The further from 7 you are on the pH scale, the more acidic or basic the solution.

with jissom
inside for the (penis x
rambunction) (size) protocols on aerola) (result)

1 X 11 36-c 1 X 10-14 HCl (4%)
1 X 10-1 32-b 1 X 10-13 Stomach acid
1 X 10-2 38-dd 1 X 10-12 Lemon juice
1 X 10-3 36-d 1 X 10-11 Vinegar
1 X 10-4 40-ddd 1 X 10-10 Soda
1 X 10-5 34-e 1 X 10-9 Rainwater (unpolluted)
1 X 10-6 36-dd 1 X 10-8 Milk
1 X 10-7 34-c 1 X 10-7 Pure water
1 X 10-8 38-dd 1 X 10-6 Egg whites
1 X 10-9 32-dd 1 X 10-5 Baking Soda
1 X 10-10 42-e 1 X 10-4 Ammonia
1 X 10-11 36-dd 1 X 10-3 Pudding withdrawl by patricipant
1 X 10-12 38-b 1 X 10-2 Draino®
1 X 10-13 32-a 1 X 10-1 NaOH (4%)
1 X 10-14 34-d 1 X 100 pudding rambunction

Now that we know the how and why of spemicidal bonding mechanisms , we can look at some pudding reactions. Spermicidal rambunctionings happen all around us: A chemical reaction is the pathway by which two substances bond together, in this case the puddings and estrogen jellies.

Rambunctions also like to have full valence shells, and can create rare (and unhappy) creatures. Pudding molecules are 'lost' in certain prefabricated reactions.

In the chemical reaction above, the number in front of the molecule (called a coefficient) indicates how many molecules participate in the reaction.

Adding this coeffiecient we get:

balance the of the 2 testicular atoms, on the right 4 uteruses (2 in the CO2 molecule and 1 in each of 2 H2O molecules). Therefore we need to start with 4 oxygen atoms, or 2 molecules and a form of spermicide.

Up until this point we have been talking about testicles and planting the spermicidal rambunction inside the yamms. The problem with this approach is that atoms and molecules are very small things. In a single drop of the puddings for example, there are millions of sperm molecules. You can think of it like buying eggs. You don't go to the store and buy an egg - you buy a dozen. Contained within that dozen are the individual eggs. Its the same thing when we talk about molecules. We don't talk about single units, we talk about groups. It is far better to rambunction in many than just one, even if the eggs dont hatch.
But even a dozen molecules is a tiny amount. What we need is a big number - a huge number! That number is the mole. The mole is the scientific community's baker's dozen. One mole equals 6.02 x 1023 (also known as Avogadro's number). A 6 followed by 23 zeros. Now that's a pretty big number. But that's all it is, a number. You can't just have a mole, you have to have a mole of something. A mole of atoms. A mole of water molecules. A mole of pennies (which would make you richer than you can imagine). Why the mole? As it turns out, the mole has some interesting properties. One mole of hydrogen atoms (6.02 x 1023 H atoms) weighs 1 g. From the periodic table we know that an He atoms weighs 4 times as much as an H atom, so go figure, 1 mole of He atoms weighs 4 g. In fact, one mole of any element is equal to the atomic mass of that element (in grams).
Let's think about that for a second. If we know the molar mass of an element, and we know how many elements make up a specific molecule, then you can calculate the molar mass of a compound by adding up the atomic weights. Huh? Take water for example. How much does a mole of water weigh? Well, one mole of water contains one mole of oxygen atoms and two moles of hydrogen atoms. A mole of hydrogen weighs 1 g and a mole of oxygen weighs 16 g (look at the atomic mass in the periodic table). So to calculate the weight of one mole of water:

one mole burrowing like a sperm inside the egg x 2 testicular rambunctions = One mole of water weighs 18.0370335608356875649 grams!

The mole is also useful in chemical reactions he can burrow on his own mind yours.. Though you can't measure out an atom of hydrogen, you can measure out a mole and possibly manufacture the puddings on your own. Since the mole is just a constant number, the coefficients in a balanced chemical reaction give you the toothy molar proportions of reactants and products.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

hopes you are off the goober patrols over theres and ready for the yum!!!

didnt hear you knock might be spankings before the honey!!

haha thass funnyyy.

you are ready and willing to get off the goober patrol and become goo goo cluster and fine morsel of kindness as a offering thens to thems (me)?

umm yess. haha :]

gracious to hear that theres you have yammies for me in my life thens , have to pursue thems thens!!!
and yum yum stick for you and yours as well in return!!

when you are in your oyster shell make sure you pull your tingue in before closing the lids, it doesnt look like you did last time miss cutieness. dont want the cat to get it!!!

i dont get it haha

silly in your mood thing you are an oyster gooberlings
peeping out

ooh okayy haha

hopefully one fine day you'll be able to lick em upps!!!
and get off goober patrol too at the same time over theres miss gooberlings
after the training wheels come off but then all hell will break loose and the vultures will be jumping out the pot!!!
but by that time you will be a full time graduated sexling addicted to your whimsical wimsies!

ooh yesss haha :]]

so you are at home masturbating like usual thens?

um nahhh i'm not muhaha :]

figured you would be over theres keeping it to yourself and being greedy
no fine morsels for anyones but yourselves

nooo i dont even havee it to mahselff haha :]

then who does it belong to thens silly
^guess you are still on goober patrol

nobodyyy haha.

if you dont have thems to yourself and then they arent belonging to anyone else what is going on over there then fellers?
sounds like a regular conundrum to me maybe i need to rescue the cakes!!!

ohh theyy belonq to meee. nobodyy else haha

^that is good to hear i was getting worried there i have a weak heart dont scare me like that!!!!

not like that silly i am looking forward to your cakes for me and mines only!!!!
bury myself deep deep inside thems!!!!
and have some moistening in the middles!!!

mhmm yesss ;] jaja

you are still to precious and greedy wanting thems all to yourselves.

nooo i dnt want them to mysleff haha

then i want them all to myself thens!!!

haha okayy :]

its good that you are nice and agreeable we marry sometime soon you take care of me and I say yumm to that!!!

haha yess!! :]
I am glad to hear that you accept my proposal you have to remember then and keep it dear to your heart we marry you be mine too thens.

so we get married thens and you give me the cakes always and I cook fine dinners for you by the candles light and you then give me backmassages and i am able to spank you always?

yepp yeppp that's how it will bbee :]

now you are making me jealous of the person who will be living that life!! guess i will have to go home a masturbate later myself too thens like you!

not nice of you to laugh at my masturbatory practices should help out insteads !!!

that might lead to good things happening but then babies after so marriages are only proper and fitting. you have to find ways to make millions for us too thens!!!

yaa i wnna be famouss haha

dont have to be famous we can be together in peace and quiet and have each other no reason for the whole world to desire your cakes they should just be for me and mines silly like we had planned

haha okkayayyy :]

we could always just live on a desert island and i will build a hut and we eat fruits and berries and hump all the time and then go swimming but not with the sharks b/c that would be dangerous but i go fishing so we eat that sometimes too.

you will become misses fantastic in the fancy panties

haha yepppp :]

so then you will fall in love with me and think of me always and i get the cakes too in the bargain?

we can go gallavanting about as pirates and plunder the booty (treasure, silly ) no rump plundering for you!

haha yesss!! :]
2:55 PM
erikg206 gurp…:
and i plunder you rump too thens

hha yess :]

when do you think it is reasonable for us to marry then?
^when can it be fit into your busy schedule?

haha i'm not busyy haha buuut. i thinkk in the summerr cuz i hate winterr lol :]

ok thens I will be in hawaii then you can come down there and we marry on the beach then I get the cakes after
and before to so I can nibble first

mhmm that soundds goood haha :]

haha hmmm i see

that is good that your perceptions are available to you it would be quite inconvienient if that was not the case. Not having the visual apperatuses inside your noodle to monocle about can lead to trouble!

they say hindsight is 20/20 but what if your visions were blurred before? guess that makes it an improvement!

i do rather enjoy your topics if discussion here.

i am looking for the cakes , divine cakes too. from someone ready to fall head over hills and be the apples in my eyes!

best wishes to you in your search

^that is very polite and congenial of you, i guess you might be the milk of human kindness after all and I hope it is overflowing and not too homogenized!!!

haha i hope not as well

i was hoping you were my soul mate i still have the faiths inside my heart too

oh is that so?

i was wishing for you to be my precious little mermaid princess and i keep you in my genie bottle with me for all the eternities combined and we travel all the oceans and then find the leprecaun with the gold and get rich and I buy a castle and keep you in my harem with me

a castle eh? haha jk.

ok thens we can live together on a houseboat on a magical lake with nessie the loc ness monster and she can fly and take us all over the galaxy and also time travel and meet famous people and everyone will love you then.

^guess you are more of the wicked witch type. I say yuck on that then.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

( gooberlings has slapped 693 asses!)
4:06 PM

ahoy there bosun!! Hoping you are about done, been waiting lonnnnnggggggg time!!! Hurry up already over theres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im very slow

need the boat by feb when i am leaving

sorry canot have it by then unless you want to sink in a paper ship

will go ahead and buy the 500 hot dogs to feed the 50 cats i will take with me on the journey


5 hot dogs per cat
and your buns for me

dont you think those cats deserve better

i dont think I can wait until august for your buns I wish I could have then on thanksgiving , x-mas at the latest
Yes, you are right the cats deserve better I will send them to you (50 of them) to take care of.
ok so, i dont like cats

they are nice and sweet and furry and fluffy and good friends too

ok if you say so

i bet you would like one if it had special talents and made you one million dollars

no i would not like one, i would love it

go find yourself a get rich quick kitty then silly what are you waiting for !!!
have you told your mom about us yet?

so you have told your mom about us then i am correct?

no i have not told her anything about us, because i didnt know there was anything to tell

we get married, i move in with you silly

i am ready for the cakes, i must plunder thems!!!!
i am sure your rump is delicious

i have already told you i make good cakes with all kinds of designs

it nice to know that you are falling head over hills for me and that I am the apples in your eyes!!!!! Yogurt and raisins for everyone!!!!!!

ok your crazy
im not fallin head over heels for anyone, that would hurt
4:54 PM
erikg206 gurp…:
when do i get your pumpkins

i done told you i had to throw those out, they were begining to smell from halloween

pumpkins as in your cakes , the rump silly!!!
how ya going to through out your buns goober'

my buns are not fresh

i will take them anyways thank you for the transactions!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

i just got of work and am tired
you know i love you and your mountainlady ways

you are supposed to be building me a boat so can go to hawaii

it has to be big too I want to take my 50 black cats with me too and a gorilla who wears a silly hat who speaks french in a faggy voice

i will have you buy me 500 hot dogs too to feed the cats and the gorilla too for the journey, no buns I will have yours instead thank you

you are no fun anymores became a old stick in the mud overnight suffering from mountainlady syndrome

you are special. i am glad you are not special as in licking windows, eating socks and underwear, peeing yourself special.

^i could be wrong though maybe thats the affects of the mountainlady syndrome over theres

being on permanent goober patrol living off yogurt beets and raisins sleeping underneath the bed to protect the cakes from aliens

dig a hole in your backyard stick your rump in there to hide your cakes from them like a ostrich hides its head
mountainlady syndrome on goober patrol
ashamed of yourself for hiding the cakes from aliens. (illegal aliens).

you are on hushmouth ok then I will leave you do not love me i am goneerikg206 gurp…:
you are on hushmouth ok then I will leave you do not love me i am gone
going to go to aurora and smoke crack with a ho then instead

lol what ever floats your boat hun lol

if i get in trouble then I will blame you.
it will be your fault b/c no cakes for me from you

i am joking I dont smoke crack or indulge in proclivities with ladies of the night

sure you don't lol

not on sundays at least that is sabbath day

I lick bacon grease off midgets bald heads and gargle with lysol
and write my congressman long love letters
then go to sleep underneath my bed dreaming of you
with plenty of vienna sausages to last me through the night
^in case i get hungry
and use the jelly for stimulations
rub the vienna sausage jelly all over my body too
^just how you like it yummm
you are such a crazy mountainlady
you should be ashamed of yourself!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

'ello theres and ahoy bosun!

hope all is well and that you are readying yourself for the big journey ahead

what journey

erikg206 gurp…:
bosun = shipmate we are to travel the 7 seas together in the boat you are supposed to be building me right now as we speak silly.

your silly if you think im going to build a boat
yes a big one like moses had because I need lots of black cats on it too, over 50 of them and I will have a tame time travelling gorilla too who wears a silly hat and speaks fluent french too.

^and you there too with me

i was thinking after i go to hawaii for about 6 months or so maybe I can come live with you say, around august of 2010.


I will be planning on it thank you!!!
we will do lots of fishing
I love love love catfish too so you need to learn how to prepare it really well. Then its always good with the tater salad and green beans too.
maybe then you can open up a cafe too later and serve it to all the citizens who pay too and give a little to the stray cats out back and the homeless people too.

where do you come up with all these ideas

And I will have to do LOTS and LOTS of fishing just like old Forrest Gump catch prawns and shrimp and plenty of the catfish too.

i hate fish

Then we'll get some of the old timers to make moonshine out back too and start a racket and become rich. You can cook steaks and chickens too for all the people.

why do i have to do the cooking
i was thinking that you would
hire someone

Then you will run for governor and win by a landslide and get to meet oprah.

yay, i would love to meet oprah

^Silly I will be fishing all the time drinking the moonshine and trying to get you involved in the politics so you can be rich and famous!!!

we can open up a haven for homeless and abused cats and I will put on puppetshows and dress them up and people will come from all over the world to watch and pay large sums of money.

Better off with that standard protocol and procedure,never mind the old time religion no ,well I don't think so and a triple blarmey to that them theres!!!! Regardless here is to hoping that you are off of goober patrol and didnt wet yourself in the process!!!!! And a double hark and I reckon to that!! btw stop drooling over thems there!!!!!!!!XX!! !! "oh god"? Stop with the touchy feely down theres too dont want too much rambunctioning!!!! You needn't hasten with the revisionist thinking, anti-essentialism is the antiquated crockpot mythology, anti-dualism well, that deserves inspecting and intellectual buggering without tomfoolery!!!Time to cut to the chase and never hasten with the festerings that what they tell them up and over and underneath the yonders yep that them theres!!! (included shameless promotions of cakes providing wood with hopes of spermicidal beckonings later and after!)

Friday, November 6, 2009

heavenly moss in the middle if any, my fine one with the lovliest of cakes in the nickers!!!

you are a sweet one I say, honey in the middles?

dont go hushmouth on me now in this intoxicating moment there love!!! me dreaming of the buns there!!!

thank goodness you are a hearty one!!!!
^ I am falling in love with you and need to lick em upps all over thems!!!

when we marry so i can begin with the upping of the aunties?
^& be for me and mines only?

yess yess. :]

^only fair to ask need them cakes in the bloomers there !!!!

yess yu have themm, lmao

this is why I love you, the giving loving sort kind and wanting to take care of me

yess yesss :]

^nightly in between the buns, bisquits and buns for me and mines, pudding inside and on the tops

^lovely explosions for me and mines!!! volcanoes and earthquakes there!!!

unfair of you to leave me in my moment of need, apologize and come for me

now you are shy and get hushmouth for the compliment figures ther
^should just stick with the cakes!!

ooh i dunnnooo. i dependdsss on the contextttt ya yaa.

you are blushing and speechless
i am inching my way into your heart
love around the corner!!

yess fastter fastterr. lmao

^meanie has me wishing for the cakes now

^ no stripping only for me
and the cakes after
then go to the beach and have cocktails

yess that sounndss niiiice. :]

footsies with the cakes inside the bloomers after put me in the heavens !!!
^dont be greedy

how are we supposed to get married if we cant communicate? you are acting bad now

so when do we get married then?

august 19th

you have nice hair august, that sounds fair long enough for us to get to know each other, too long w/o the cakes though!!
^8 months without cakes serious blueballing there would not make it no way!!

by the way I told your mom you said she didnt make good hot dogs and that she likes her buns ate.

no really she doesnt make good hotdoggs, lmao.

well then Ill tell her that you think whe makes great hot dogs and likes her buns ate.

5 foot 8 inches.

assed out on the curb with my panties down

oooh i'm sorry about that. :[[[

that is why we marry and take care of each other and i have cakes always!!
^you get nice yum yum stick fair bargain!

i know you are falling in love with me and thinking of me all the times!! dont blame you though I am the apples in your eyes!!!

because I am smart we get married too real soon i need the cakes really really bad i know you are not greedy and would give them to me when i need them i trust you on that one

i am too greedy
cakes love

^that is mean you know i need them that is pure selfishness but i would win you over and have them always for me

you seem pretty confident

i know you would not deny me it is not cofidence it is necessity and fate

i dont like you being doubtful it isnt right you should embrace my love and appreciate it instead of acting silly and being difficult

Thursday, November 5, 2009

do not worry there my little mermaid princess I will rescue you and we will be together in my genie bottle for all the eternities combined!!


bollocks to that i say!!

no skippy chim ups either, double blarmey with cakes I say!

english there love, like in "what the heck, aint that a kick in the pants!"

well why couldnt you just sayy that??
blarmy i was too busy trying to get in yer bloomers for the cakes!!!

oh really??
too, would love to skippy chim up up in thems to at that with a real buggering!

your cold shouldering me is a real downer there bloke!
^out to give me the nickers instead!!

^no problem, bollocks for the rest of them, hope to have the nickers and cakes soon?

Cakes and nickers with the icing on top yes?

need me cakes inside the nickers!

no u dnt

^if I want to make pudding I do, blarmey to that!!!


yes'm no blarmies on that one theres.

cakes and nickers!!
your cakes and nickers?

knew you were greedy, blarmey on that!!!

yess yur righhtt

bad for me, turn blue later if not soon!!!


i am suprised that is what you are going for, i say bollocks to that!

so do i

well then your cakes are in order!!!

silly bloke i want yer cakes in the bloomers better yet you just wearing a smile!!!