Monday, August 22, 2011

Sypha Nadon: 4NIC8

4NIC8 is the proper studio follow-up to Sypha Nadon's 2009 album "Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night." Due to the sexual content of this album it is recommended primarily for adults, though Wilhelm Reich would probably disagree on this point.

"All things fornicating all the time." -Austin Osman Spare

Track listing:

1. ! (2:03)
2. Orgasm (4:49)
3. STRIPPER (3:03)
4. Kit10's Shower (0:55)
5. Fucking Lichelle (4:01)
6. Sara's B00bz (5:09)
7. Piano Piece for Cocksucking (2:40)
8. Slutz (6:00)
9. Room Service (7:27)
10. Booby Luvin' Alien (0:14)

Total Running Time: around 35-36 minutes

Sypha Nadon (all drones, beats, guitar, bass, electronics, noise, organs, sexophone)
James Champagne (samples, + piano on trax 1 & 7)
DJ Munge: (turntable scratching on trax 5)

Guest performances: Kitten Natividad (trax 4), Lichelle Marie (trax 5), Sara Jay (track 6), Brent Corrigan and Carson (trax 9). The performers on trax 2,3,7 & 8 wish to remain anonymous

Samples from tracks 1 & 10 taken from the Japanese anime film "Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better." Track 4 is a sample from the film "Takin' It All Off" (1987). Samples from track 9 taken from a Brent Corrigan film entitled "Room Service." Many of the other samples on this album were taken from videos found on the Dailymotion website.

All songs by Sypha Nadon
Recorded 2011 at Mauve Zone Recordings Studios
Produced by James Champagne
Front and back cover art assembled by James Champagne (with special thanks to AOS)
Front cover model: Leanne Crow / Back cover model: Brent Corrigan

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