Monday, August 8, 2011

Governments, Politicians, Religions, masons, industrial, Jews, notaries, leaders, elite, can not take away these hornswagglers and their ventures -> Thesis: the fake and falsified enlightened minions & harbingers of injustice!!!:

1. kill you, angry peoples are desperate! Possibly the fault of Politicians, alone?
2. Rich People, without diversity in barter system for wealth , collective and individual, must be streamrolled , burned at the stakes!!
3. better handling, of all peoples in putting out to the pasture like the sheep, kicked in the cans!

And for the facilities: secret services, NWOSatanists, Beelzebamboozeld thinking tanks, Coroporate monopolies, Political bribing lobbyist, Satanists, corporations, banking system seigniorage, media conglomorates ....... homes burned and banks looted!X!X!!!!
CONCLUSIONS: as soon as possible!

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