Monday, August 8, 2011

^^^666^^^-against: (a)inquisition, (b) compliance & complaints,(c) human lives sacrificed to the occult powers of eugenic totalitarianism rambunctioning against the testosterone pudding protocols

♔ 1° Beelzebub Embassy and the Kingdom ♔
do not enter the kingdom Bless!
not to exclude the neighboors sing together in chaotic disharmony
the world will need:ending the hornswaggles and pursue the henchmen . ♔
✙ virus deadly "Drink your poisons made by yourself"✙
I am, that door of metaphysics, secular unpositive unnatural, irrational justice, to open to the irreverent, the heaven in through the out door
*♛♰ *those who reject will be eternally damned ♛♰
Don't Worship -

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