Friday, June 24, 2011


you are aware of everything, and then you lost! every martyr, in fact, has a royal iscariot , nipping them on the heels ,and that is eternal ..
while the priests, the pope, bishops, have only the ministerial priesthood ..what do you have, terminal incessant zealots and idolators will to sacrifice?
and what you said? ham and eggers. it was not you, that is, the Satanists, hoodwinkers, hornswagglers,nwo,imf, these purveyors of pornography making the plants full of monsters, and sexual predator maniacals? but he who sows the wind ... then collect the storm and wisks away the houses full of falsified doctrines! This was the same as it used to be: immoral desolation,spiritual foreclosure of the economics of all people and the shareholdings, before, the friendly fascists .. but the culprits? Weed out the roots and what? It will be too much blood flowing : again! Naysaying about the wine turning to water , and since when is trampling on the crucifix a Revolution

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