Tuesday, June 28, 2011

curious how i post the pictures of zane's cat scan and assorted imaging of his brain in Bali and the pictures of my lethal injuries incurred both in Bali and in Thailand xxx he may say he had malaria tho he in fact had meningitis something i was attempting to educate him about as a Medical Practitioner for weeks while he did every recreational substance he could get his hands on stating i didn't know what i was talking about xxx his own mother wouldnt return my calls or wait to speak to me about his past medical history xxx it was my sole doing that he walked away from that hospital without being put on a psych hold and how does he repay me ? by refusing to pay his hospital bills in Bali and then repeatedly beating me up *even after he took me to the hospital and told the ER doc i had been hit by a car on my motorbike xxx seems like the glamour4love boy ought to be paying for the countless medical bills he left me with *to include the one's to treat the very first STD's of my life * that's right 5 of them* and *ALL* antibiotic resistant xxx to include getting him out of jail in Thailand on charges of criminal assault *tho it would have been attempted manslaughter in the USA* Still i require over 5,000 usd in medical care and he is writing to me asking for 50 usd bcoz he's been refused entry into the UK ? wonder why ? he has been removed from 2 foreign countries *Bali and has a criminal record in Thailand *

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