Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scarlet Sail - Отправь sms на короткий номер (2011)

MOTOR TRADE! Psychic Terror - fag! Tracklist: 01. I love pop-up advertising banners 02. Send SMS to short number 03. You do not want to send an SMS, so you're no longer my friend 04. Distribute this track 10ti people and you will have happiness 05. Sign up and get a discount right now 06. Lose weight by 10 kg per week07. Enter your name and you'll learn all about it 08. Place an order right now 09. Increase your own term of up to 10 cm 10. Two minutes in the gift DETAILS FOR MATERIAL ASSISTANCE Fuckinnefor'u (dismemberment PUGACHOVA) attached separately FILE INCLUDED for the album. 


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