Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RedSK vs. endometrium cuntplow - Naughty Shadow Puppets Trapped In Cartoon Prison

1. I'm All Out Of Jokes Again, Intro
2. Crimes Of Shadow Laughter Against Light [Pt. 1]
3. Peppeteering The Alley Bulb...
4. Fat Albert Just Snuck In Some Pastels Rectally
5. Run, Bugs Bunny! It's Hunting Season!
6. You'll Be Making Hand Dogs On The Prison Walls
7. Cavemen And Natives Wasted A Lot Of Berries On Them Cave Drawings
8. Dark Sweaty Chafing Halitosis Breath Gas Spanking
9. If I Had A Dime For Every Shadow Puppet I've Made At A Campfire...
10. Sentenced To Life In Cartoon Prison [You Can't Just Paint A Tunnel Out Of This One]

NOTES: "Produced by Patrick Doyle & David Matheke
Recorded, performed, & programmed by Patrick in his Super Fly Non Quality Buzz Box Bassment
Arranged, manipulated, & mixed by David Lucien Matheke in his Serpent Holder Studio, November 10-18, 2007."


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